As a frequent "non-shampooer" and self admittedly leery of all things DevaCurl (I'll hit on this later), I was definitely apprehensive to try out their Low-Poo Original Shampoo and One Condition Conditioner Line, despite it having won the Naturally Curly Editor's Choice award in 2016. Over the years, I have created a pretty solid regimen for my hair with a once every two months usage of shampoo and my preferred cleansing agent consisting of Apple Cider Vinegar and a little alkaline water. To remove product buildup, I tend to gravitate towards some no name brand shampoo or a good cleansing conditioner, since I am not shampooing my hair that often.

My apprehension with DevaCurl products stemmed from the facts that they were:

  1. A little pricey
  2. Products I thought were geared more towards looser curl patterns

While my thoughts were a bit unfounded, I was definitely biased based on some internal preconceived notions I had. But y'all, after trying this line out, DevaCurl won me over. My hair was thoroughly cleansed by the shampoo without being stripped of moisture, and the conditioner was super hydrating and had good slip without feeling like I needed to use the entire bottle to saturate my curls and get out tangles.

Photo Courtesy of @Cassandra_JK


While my hair is very dense and thick, my individual strands are fine and I often experience single strand knots and tangles when my curls are clumped together. From doing a little bit of research online and reading the product bottle, I found that DevaCurl Low Poo works wonders for "fine hair" and is a preferred gentle cleanser for those that need to remove buildup without using a harsh cleanser.

Photo Courtesy of @Cassandra_JK

During Use

I began my usage by saturating my hair with water and proceeding with a 2 tablespoons amount in my palms. LOL this is the funny part y'all, because I was definitely throwing DevaCurl the side-eye as to why my shampoo wasn't lathering. But it's a mild lather product! My bad! After smushing it around my hair for a while and letting it sit for about a minute or two, I rinsed it out, and then did the typical shampoo steps (lather, rinse, repeat). After two applications, I then went on to the conditioner and used about a tablespoon in each section of my hair. I created 4 sections. I then detangled with the Curlpro Wet Brush, and that's all she wrote!

Photo Courtesy of @Cassandra_JK


Overall, I would give this a 9/10, because who digs perfection? LOL seriously though, for everything it is supposed to do, DevaCurl does it. Mind you, when I used this product I had just gotten done taking down a protective style that left my edges full of buildup, so a deep cleansing was in order. DevaCurl Low-Poo got your girl together, and set up a solid and CLEAN foundation for my conditioner afterwards. I will for sure be using this again.

Peep that after hair though! Glistening curls for days!

Photo Courtesy of @Cassandra_JK

Have you tried DevaCurl Low-Poo Shampoo?

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