Introducing Texture My Way

2013-01-28 10:24:38

Introducing Texture My Way

We caught up with Dwan White, creator of Texture My Way, an affordable new haircare line for naturals who enjoy switching up their style.

Do you have a "suggested style" or a "featured style" to use wear with these products?

That’s entirely up to the style chameleon. There’s a Texture My Way therapy to assist with creating and maintaining natural styles, whether silky straight, springy coils, soft afros, deep waves or bouncy curls.

Tell us where we can connect with your brand.

You can connect to Texture My Way at, on Facebook and Twitter.

Where are your products available?

Independent owned, neighborhood beauty supply stores nationwide, and at CurlMart.

Lastly, what’s your opinion on the texture revolution. Do they see it becoming a bigger trend/movement?

We are happy to see women embracing their natural texture. This movement is self affirming and a great message for young girls about celebrating who they are, naturally. As styling techniques, products and social media evolve, so will the movement. Hollywood is still about creating illusions. While many celebs are fine with their natural texture in their personal lives, if their role calls for the illusion, then that’s what we’ll see in front of the camera.

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