What would life be like if I could achieve an honest wash and go just the way it sounds? Wash...And....Go. Not drenched in coconut oil, finger detangled, then wash, condition, rake and scrape, rake again, scrunch, blow and finally go... Like many, I study different hair techniques, purchase staple products, pray to the "hair gawds,” and poof; I get a little closer each and every time. So, am I doing the right thing by studying techniques and memorizing product selections? Does one take precedence over the other? Tracey Ducksworth, developer of
Passion Yum Yum Hair Products and owner of Atlanta’s Honey B Natural Hair Salon and Lounge, makes a suggestion: “There are many factors to health and style when it comes to natural hair. First, choose the correct products that work for your hair, making sure they contain oils and provide adequate moisture. Next, use the right techniques especially when protecting. Make sure you maintain your hair by twisting every night and shield against the friction of pillows, shirts, etc.”

We want our products to move moons, furniture, and mountains and many product lines claim they can do just that and more. So, we naturally expect the bottled creams to grow our bald edges, thicken our fine strands, and double our hair growth to name a few. Soon we will expect our products to trim and reshape our curls, forget a haircut! While products can do almost anything, the key word is almost. Have you wondered whether it’s the product and technique responsible for the end result? Here is a list of what products can and cannot do.

Products Cannot...

  1. Grow full, rich locks from bald, bruised or non-existing hair follicles around your edges
  2. Transform you or me into Mahogany Curls
  3. Revert curls from scorching heat damage
  4. Alter your texture without chemicals
  5. Extend the life of style any longer than the appropriate time frame (because roots still grow about .25-.5 in per month)

Products Can...

  1. Volumize by giving the appearance of thicker hair through swelling strands, lifting the roots, or separating strands
  2. Glossify through nutrient-rich conditioning, enhance natural shine, or provide light-reflecting shine
  3. Moisturize and strengthen as hair is fortified though your diet before it sprouts from the scalp. Topical treatments will help keep it hydrated and strong, which results in longer hair.
  4. Hold through styling aids containing polymers that keep the hair in place through connecting and coating the hair strands
  5. Stimulate blood flow through products, vitamins or diet, which can have an effect on growth

Technique Can...

Techniques will make or break the effectiveness of your product. What would happen if you bought a styler, but incorrectly used it as a daily leave-in treatment? You might not see the intended results of that product. In fact, you might even cause some damage to your sweet, innocent curls. Instead, first read the label and try the recommended techniques given to you by the product company. From there you could consult a trusted stylist or connect with your curly community to make sure you have matched the correct product with the correct technique.

Wrap Up

Monique Rodriguez, creator and owner of Mielle Organics, sums it up saying, “Both product selection and technique are equally important. You can't have good technique, but use bad products correspondingly you cannot use bad products and have good technique. Personally, when I started using natural ingredients in my hair I noticed an overall difference on the strength and growth of my hair. I continued using my current techniques yet, I noticed a difference in my hair tremendously. I believe you cannot have one without the other.”

We want to hear your opinion and testimony. What is your product versus technique experience?