For a curly girl, the process of straightening your hair – and keeping it straight – can be fraught with anxiety. For starters, the act of straightening curly hair has been known to take hours. Then when you’ve spent said hours on your hair, you sometimes walk out into the light of day only to find your hard work thwarted by heat and humidity. But by far the scariest moment is when you wash your hair at the end, and anxiously check to see if your curls have been damaged beyond repair.

They claimed that you could go curly to straight and back to curly.


Jamie was traveling to a beach town for a wedding and she didn’t want to worry about her curl definition or frizz while she was away, so she decided to try an at-home hair straightening kit.

She used the Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight kit and she shared how she applied it, how long it lasted, and most importantly whether or not her 3B curls came back in her full video review.

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