A good cut and products can only go so far in learning to love your curls. So in October Jonathan Torch hosted his first Curly Hair Clinic at his Curly Hair Institute in Toronto.

The 2-hour intensive training session seeks to help curlies learn to style their own hair. Torch and his staff teach the customers Curly Hair Solutions tips and techniques for curly hair, including combing, styling and drying their own hair.

'Our curl technicians are here to help the people style their hair, but they are not there to do the hair for them,' says Torch. 'The whole point is for the customer to leave knowing and being confident about managing and styling their hair on a daily basis. We feel that this hands-on approch to teaching our tips and techniques is the most beneficial to the customer.'

Future clinics cost $75, and include a Curly Hair Solutions travel pack worth $30. The next clinic is scheduled for scheduled for Nov. 7. They will be held on a regular basis, and Torch plans to take his concept on the road.

Call 416-362-1068 for more info.