No matter how many natural hair blogs are out there or how big of an event the natural hair community puts together, we all know the truth: we are still the minority.

Straight hair is still the leader on the big screen, in advertising, at school and especially at work. While natural hair has become more commonplace, it is still considered a niche market compared to the straight hair market.

But despite cultural perspectives, times are changing! The natural hair market has made a huge dent on the hair care industry – and we aren’t done yet!

First, we praise and promote products using natural hair products and encourage our sisters to educate themselves on what to look for and how to avoid being duped – for your hair and for your peace of mind. This trend has spread over to the straight haired world too, but they just can’t compete with the natural products found in natural hair aisles (which we hear are soon to be coming to stores like Target and Walgreens!”>.

Although a massive amount of advertising tells us that our kinks need to be straightened, we know that natural hair products do just as much for our strands, if not more, than anything those straightening creams could ever do.

One product line that’s separating itself from the onslaught of straight hair creams and sprays is Kynx (www.kynxhaircare.com“>. The Kynx product line is quickly emerging as a leader in top quality hair care for the African American market. Kynx products are exclusively formulated with Monoi De Tahiti, an oil from the Polynesian Islands. This unique formula enhances natural curls by effortlessly strengthening, nourishing and hydrating African hair-types.

Kynx products proudly encourage women to embrace their exotic, natural beauty and to simply “go with the fro!” — something that this curly seriously loves. Maybe I’ll even make it my new mantra.

Kynx products are clinically proven to strengthen, soften, repair and decrease the dryness of our kinky locks. This is what I mean by saying that our natural hair products do more for us! Kynx not only makes our curls radiate, but it hydrates them in the process!

So here is the real rant of this post: I LOVE natural hair products, and I LOVE that being natural allows me to use them in ways that straight-haired women have yet to discover. And while I hope that  you can one day experience all the glory of natural products – I’m sure glad that I can use and love them now.

Want More?

Looking for a new product to add to your fly hair arsenal? Look no further! Browse over 5,000 natural hair product reviews and find your new favorite now!

Final Thoughts

If you are so inclined, check out Kynx on Facebook and join the convo about what they are doing, what their products do and how you can reap the benefits!


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