Why is hair growth such a challenge for some, and not for others?

Hair growth is determined by many internal and external factors such as:  hormones, genetics, excessive damage from heat styling or chemical processes, certain medical conditions, lifestyle and nutrition. Many of us have attempted to grow out our hair, only to give up after not seeing visible results. We love curls, coils and waves of all lengths want to support you in achieving all of your healthy hair goals, and if one of yours is growth then we have a few "let it grow" techniques and products to try.

If you’re new to Elasta QP, let’s introduce. Elasta QP is a hair care line designed for women, and respects their busy lives and careers, knowing full well that they don’t have time to waste. With ease, Elasta QP’s unique growth and anti-breakage products enlist the help of olive oil & mango butter for those with texture, and assists one’s ability to create long, healthy hair that feels as amazing as it looks!

Is it possible to grow my hair?

Many of us ask ourselves this question, and it’s not that we haven’t tried. While we realize that obtaining long hair is a long-term commitment, gaining that length takes a lot more than just not “cutting” it.

Stimulating hair growth starts with your personal health, so it's important that you eat a healthy diet, regulate your stress levels, and get enough sleep. Once you have a healthy lifestyle squared away, it's important to understand that growth is just one half of the equation. Maintaining healthy ends, also known as length retention, is just as important.

Dry, damaged hair doesn’t help

Breakage is the mortal enemy of hair growth. According to Elasta QP's stylists “The hair is always growing but with breakage and split ends, normal growth isn’t noticeable. Your primary objective should be to prevent hair breakage." They recommend using products with plenty of slip to make detangling easier, minimizing heat styling whenever possible, "and don’t pull or stretch wet hair, which is more prone to 'pop.'" Well-conditioned hair is more elastic and experiences less damage when detangling.” 

No wonder so many of us with good growing intentions stop short, no pun intended☺.

Olive oil & mango butter can help

Elasta QP uses two key ingredients to help you go the distance: olive oil and mango butter, which work together to lock in moisture, strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. For those who have attempted to grow out their hair in the past and have been disappointed,

 when styling taking specific hair breakage precautions along with adding the conditioning properties of Olive Oil and Mango Butter in one’s hair care regimen can help contribute to that growth.

“Let it Grow” Tip #1: Never brush wet hair without conditioner

While growing your hair, providing ample amounts of moisture to increase its elasticity and resiliency is an absolute must. Always saturate hair with conditioner first, as this helps fortify your hair against breakage and damage. Finding the right kind of conditioner that delivers without stealing volume or making the hair appear dull is ideal. NaturallyCurly reviewer, “kaylioness” gives Elasta’s QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Growth Moisturizer 5 stars, she “Used this as the final step in my LOC method for more moisturizing my curly hair in the cold, dry air. The product is very moisturizing but doesn't weigh my fine hair down. The smell is awesome as well.”

To ensure your moisture levels, the use of a leave-in conditioner is another way to add slip, moisture and prevent breakage. Instagrammer @jodyannc_xo says that she uses Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave In Conditioner with the Olive Oil & Mango Butter Growth Moisturizer and they don't build up or weigh her hair down:

“Now, I'm a huge fan of the moisturizer but found that the leave-in left my hair feeling a lot more moisturized and manageable. After washing, I usually struggle with getting a wide tooth comb through my hair but this product added a good about of slip without making it feel weighed down or goopy. It smells similar to the moisturizing cream but lighter and thinner in consistency.”

“Let it Grow” Tip #2: Use a satin pillowcase

Sleeping on a pillowcase made of cotton and polyester fabrics can tug and pull at your hair while you sleep, increasing breakage and impeding your growth goals.

Need a fabulous growth-promoting oil to add to your LOC lineup? To seal it in, Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Growth Oil reduces breakage by capturing in moisture, protecting your hair from the elements, heat, sun, and styling tools, and promotes shine.

“Let it Grow” Tip #3

Try Vitamin A. Beauty gurus love Vitamin A because it's a necessary component in preventing breakage and stimulating hair growth. Think deep orange veggies and dark leafy greens: sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuces, kale, and collards – yum!

Elasta QP guarantees that their Olive Oil & Mango Butter hair care products will help prevent and even stop breakage, split-ends and dryness, and wants you to put them to the test. This is your chance to win a whole collection of products to help you achieve your growth goals.

Who’s ready to put Elasta QP to the “let it grow” test?

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