It’s no surprise to anyone that I’m a product junkie. I proudly admit it and still get excited about every new box of products that arrives on my desk.

So I was thrilled to get an invitation to the launch party for Living Proof Curls, a new line of four products designed specifically for curls. The line (Curl Conditioning Wash, Curl Detangling Rinse, Curl Defining Styling Cream and Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse) was three years in the making, created after surveying the curl landscape to find out the key challenges of a curly girl, such as:

  • "My curls only look defined when they’re wet."

  • "I can’t get enough frizz protection."

  • "My curls feel crunchy, stiff or sticky."

  • "I can’t touch my hair. Once it’s styled, I have to leave my curls alone."

  • "Even when I shape and tame my curls, the moment I step outside, my curls are under assault."

I was intrigued.

The Tsunami Test

I watched with curiosity as they performed the “Tsunami” test. They hung two identical ringlets on the wall – one styled with Living Proof Curl and one with an unnamed competitor’s product. Then they took a spray bottle and spritzed the curls seven times until they were soaked. Over the course of a few minutes, the Living Proof curl looked relatively unscathed while the other curl began to droop and lose its shape. It was definitely the most unique presentation I’ve ever seen at a product launch.

Stylists Ward Stegerhoek and Tim Rogers brought out four models styled with Living Proof Curl products. The models’ hair ranged from barely wavy to curly-coily. While each style was beautiful, what was most impressive was how the stylists were able to run their hands through their hair – and in one case actually brush it – without destroying the style. If you've ever run a brush through your curls you can appreciate how unusual this is. In some cases, the more the hair was touched and fluffed, the better it looked.

Extended Curl Memory Technology

Living Proof was founded as technology based company, so I wanted to talk to Eric Spengler, Living Proof’s chief commercialization officer and senior vice president of research and development for Living Proof. He said the Curl line really evolved out the company’s first No-Frizz products – one for curls and one for straight hair. While the results were good, he said they realize they weren’t addressing the key concerns of curly girls. Over the next three years, they began planning a line for curls. The goal was to get to the root of the problem to find the solution. They wanted to determine why people with curly and wavy hair weren’t getting results they were satisfied with.

The products contain Extended Curl Memory Technology, a patented formula of the company’s Healthy Hair Molecule that blends polymers and emollients with a time-released marine extract. The technology was created to repel humidity, smooth the cuticle and hold without crunch. Spengler said they tested the products by placing tresses in a humidity chamber (77 degrees and 75 percent humidity). The Living Proof tresses held its shape, Spengler said. The Curl line is designed to work with Living Proof’s other products, such as its leave-in conditioners, Perfect Hair Day, and Restore Mask Treatment.

My Review

All of these claims sounded impressive. But the proof is in the pudding. How would Living Proof Curl work in my hair? The Curl Conditioning Wash is super moisturizing but still left my hair feeling clean. The Detangling Rinse is really unique, with a gel consistency that has a lot of slip. I used the Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse in my hair because it has more hold. I got defined curls that I could fluff up to get the volume I like. They were touchable, not crunchy. And best of all, even when I walked outside into a New York City rain storm, my curls didn’t budge.

This post is sponsored by Living Proof.