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Many of the elements we need to stay healthy are linked to maintaining healthier hair, with essential fatty acids being one vital component of that equation. Our bodies naturally produce some of these acids while we cannot produce others like the Omega-6s. A healthy diet consists of a balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6. It is one of the more popular Omega-6 fatty acids would be linoleic acid. 

Arachidonic acid is an unsaturated, Omega-6 fatty acid that is essential for the brain, liver, and organs, according to the National Institutes of Health. A diet rich in linoleic acid will supply your body with the tools to make arachidonic acid, because linoleic acid gets broken down into gamma-Linolenic acid and that gets converted over to arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid can be found in eggs, meat, and some fish. This 20-carbon fatty acid is easily absorbed by the body’s gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system.

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Why you would want arachidonic acid in your hair products?

This oily liquid is used quite often in not just hair products but cosmetics and personal care items, because it functions as a skin conditioning agent. Being an omega-6 fatty acid goes without saying for the best reason. Omega-6s always benefits skin and hair growth. This oily liquid that conditions the scalp and hair because it is easily absorbed and retains moisture. Arachidonic acid will enhance the appearance of a dry scalp by actually reducing the flakiness and restoring its natural suppleness.

Unlike other omega-6s, arachidonic is not an anti-inflammatory fatty acid. For this reason, supplements may not be a great idea, especially when you can obtain necessary amounts from either your diet or hair products that use them in their formulations. We have some below for optimizing its powerful natural components and not over-doing it.

Products with arachidonic acid

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