Ouidad offers advice to a 13-year-old with dry hair

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Dear Ouidad: I have 3b hair; I have had it chemically relaxed twice. It has completely wrecked my hair. I have dry hair now. I'm 13 and I have tried so many products on my hair that have left it frizzy and dry. And I hate it. I have just had layers cut in to try and get rid of the dry ends but it is still dry. Any advice?

A: Deep condition your hair every other week and get a good curly cut every 10-12 weeks. Also using a frizz-fighting gel on wet hair (I recommend Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel) before styling can help tame your curls and keep flyaways down.


Do not shampoo your hair! I know this will take some getting use to, but use condition your hair. This will leave the natural oils in your hair. Trust me, my curls went from being frizzy to big supple curls. I wish someone would have given me this advice years ago. I love my Naturally Curly Hair now!!