Dear Ouidad: I have red, thick, curly 3A hair. I would like to wear curly more often and I use leave-in but it is always flat or I have weird-looking curls.

Ouidad: I recommend using a diffuser and trying PlayCurl Volumizing Mousse (applied after leave-in conditioner) to get more curls and volume. Using my Rake & Shake technique, dispense two pumps of the mousse to palms and work evenly through sections of damp hair. Starting at the nape area, take a 2" section of hair from ear to ear, and rake through; holding section at the end, then shake to reset your curl pattern. Repeat entire process, working in sections to the top of the head.

Then for additional volume, use duckbill clips to add height to the crown of the hair and allow you to position how the curls fall. To properly position curls, open clip no more than a half-inch to inch wide. Gently slide clip along scalp and keep it as close to root as possible. Position clips to lift the hair evenly across the crown, working from front to back. Dry hair with a diffuser or allow to air dry. Remove clips when hair is dry, and you will have added height and no flatness.

Rake & Shake