Dear CurlySuzy: I have been silicone- and sulfate-free with my hair and products for several months now and still trying to find a great combination of conditioning for my hair that is growing out, color-treated and overprocessed in the past. I feel a little overwhelmed with all the product choices in CurlMart and have ordered and tried a few different samples, but would love a recommendation on a simple hair routine. A great weekly deep conditioner and a great leave-in would be awesome. Still noticing that it's hard to get the same level of softness and "feel" to my hair as I did when using silicones-even though I know they weren't really conditioning my hair.

Dear Valerie: I am happy to give you my favorites for leave-in conditioners and weekly conditioners. Both of these are super important steps in keeping your curls healthy and happy.

Favorite leave-in conditioner (silicone free):

Kinky Curly Knot Today

Silicone-free deep conditioners:

New conditioner that I am wild about (I know you didn't ask for this but it is great when you are ready for a new daily conditioner): Curl Junkie Smoothing Conditioner