deep treatment

Ouidad's 12-Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner

Dear Ouidad: I need to get a curly hair cut but live in the Caribbean where specialists are lacking!! They all seem to handle relaxed hair well but I am skeptical about curly hair!!! HELP! This is horrible!! I transitioned from relaxed to natural about 2 yrs ago so I’m sure I have split ends. I have not had a deep treatment of any kind and my hair is dry, tangles quickly, but surprisingly very little breakage!! Any tips on how to get a curl cut at an ordinary salon?

A: If you can not find a stylist who is versed in Carving and Slicing, find one who uses a vertical cutting motion on small sections of hair, as this reduces the weight of curls.

Do not allow a stylist to “layer, texturize or thin” your curls. Layering can create a shelf-like effect, with shorter layers that can look like thick sausages. Texturizing, on the other hand, creates frizz and unevenness to curl patterns, while thinning can result in lopsided effect, in which half of a curl shrinks and the other half remains long and limp.

Deep treatments are definitely necessary to help with split ends. Use the Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner every two weeks and you’ll see a definite improvement.