ouidad playcurl foam

Ouidad PlayCurl Foam

Q: A product question for you. I have really fine, chin-length curly hair—I’d say about 3A because it is ringlet-y round the front and reasonably curly at the back. I need to use a product that gives it some volume and hold but that helps keep the curls in shape, too. I have been using Aveda Confixor on it but this isn't really designed for curly hair and I’d like to experiment with a few other products. I am from the UK so things that are available over here are best!

Ouidad: First, avoid using cream products as they weigh down the hair; use a gel instead. Use a light spray leave-in conditioner, like Botanical Boost, to create a moisture foundation and follow up with a volumizing mousse, like Ouidad PlayCurl Foam, to add and hold shape.