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While having curly hair can certainly create confidence, it can also put us on a never-ending hunt for a miracle product that doesn’t exist and never will. Standing in aisles of drugstores, reading through lists of ingredients with words longer than anything we learned about in Biology 101, we invest serious amounts of time into finding products that will do absolutely everything for our hair, from defining texture to seriously eliminating all frizz.

For us textured tressed ladies, often the last place we look to find this Holy Grail product is to the products marketed for “straighties.” But maybe we should reconsider.

AG Smooth

Well-known textured hair brand AG Hair Cosmetics has released a new lineup of hair smoothing products. But despite the marketing aimed at re-texturizing curls, kinks and waves, the Smooth line actually has a high impact on textured hair, reducing dry, frizzy hair and protecting it from going haywire in humidity.

The secret behind the multi-use functionality of these hair smoothing products is found in argan oil. Argan oil is the de-frizzer and protector of all hair types. Not only do they provide moisture for your curls, helping to define and reduce frizz, they also provide protection from heat — whether that heat comes from the weather or your appliances.

Beginning the process with the Smoooth Sulfate-Free Argan Shampoo, the line continues with the Sleeek Argan Conditioner, Set it Straight Argan Straightening Lotion, Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray, The Oil Smoothing Oil and the Hydr8 Argan Hand Moisturizer. And while the Argan Straightening Lotion is a great hair smoothing product for straight hair, it can easily be used to stretch out and define your curls too.

Giving Back

Of course, if you remain to be convinced that these products are something you should try on your way to discovering your Holy Grail product, consider this. Purchasing the Smooth lineup will not only help you and your hair, but also women of the Berber tribe in one of the poorest regions in Morocco. The argan oil in AG’s Smooth products is sourced using sustainable and organic farming methods, and the income these women earn goes directly back to their community to provide food, shelter and education for their children and families.

“These products truly are miracle workers,” said Lotte Davis, Co-founder and CEO of AG Hair. “Not only do they produce unreal results, they give back to the community where one of the key ingredients is from. Helping women lead change through our products and our promotions is something we’re very proud of at AG. We know that if we give women access to education and employment, they’ll be able to make a noticeable difference in their communities for years to come.”

Try it Today!

Starting today, March 1, you can head over to and pick up one of AG’s new hair smoothing products. They might just become your new perfect products, and you’ll also be giving women the world over the chance to also read ingredient lists, or anything else for that matter. Here in the textured community, we know how important education truly is. Most of us wouldn’t be where we are on our natural journeys without it. So in our quest for perfect curls, kinks and waves, let’s join in their quest for equality, education and basic human rights.

Try AG Hair’s smooth solution today, for FREE! 



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