For all of you naturally curlies out there, lucky you! Do you know how many people use curling products every day to achieve the same curls? Curling irons, hair perms, curling spritzers, curlers and anything and everything to get that wave. Fortunately, you’ve just got it!

Make the most of it by starting 2009 off the right way by keeping your curls as gorgeous as they can possibly be.

Curly hairstyles promise to be free of one very nasty F-word in 2009. Frizz! The fuzz ball look is most definitely out, not that it’s ever been in. Curly has now come to encompass wavy, curly and kinky.

Whether short, medium or long, the condition of the curl is more important than the length of the hair itself. Frizz, split ends, and lighter colored dry patches are all factors that will make a curly do ‘out’ regardless of style or length. In 2009, healthy curls are in!

Perhaps better referred to as ‘wavelets’ than ringlets, curls in 2009 are both wavy and curly at the same time. Long or short, the majority of 2009 curly hairstyles are not as tightly coiled as in previous years. They resemble a more finger-twisted curl than a curling-iron look and have adopted a more relaxed look that isn’t as “curl contrived” but still says “look at me.”

Borrowed from their hair texture counterpart, a hint of straightness will be seen on the heads of many curlies. Because the fringe look is all the rage, many curly hairstyles will be straighter at the top, sides and bangs and curls will fall into stretched-out twists. A style like this is casual yet sexy and can be fancied up or played down.

To really get the most out of your curls this year, here’s a word of advice: put away your basket of hair grease, wax, pomade and any other weighty product, because the wet look is out and heavy hair is most definitely out!

This year boasts of more gorgeous natural styles that use deep conditioner instead and products that hold the curl, tame the frizz and moisturize the roots to the tip. Anything that keeps hair looking wet for longer than 15 minutes out of the shower is out.

If you have to use several products to tame your curls and frizz, remember that lighter, freeer, fresher curls are the way to go. While softer, well-defined curls are all the rage this year, it doesn’t mean that tiny baby corkscrews and wild afros aren’t still a hot look. Quite the contrary. If there were ever a time for curls to shine, the time is now and since curly girls have grown more daring with their tresses over the past few years, 2009 will be reflective of this.

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