Mizani this month has launched its True Textures line, which is designed specifically to care for the growing number of people who choose to embrace their natural waves, curls and kinks.

True Textures addresses the unique characteristics of each curl type with specific products to meet individual needs, such as moisture, frizz control, and curl definition.

Natural growth patterns and spiral, ribbon-like structures in curly hair inhibit natural oils from reaching end shafts, resulting in dry, fragile hair susceptible to breakage at points where each curl turns. True Textures reinforces the curl with triple-action Curl Care Complex to add resiliency, moisture and anti-breakage protection.

The True Textures Collection consists of five products. For hair care, indulge in three products—a sulfate-free shampoo, intense moisturizing mask and cleansing conditioner to cleanse and soften the hair. Jojoba oil and vitamin E provide intense hydration, and apricot oil and fruit sugars seal the cuticle and infuse shine.

To style each texture, there are two new styling products: a defining cream gel for loose curls and waves and a curl-extending cream for tightly coiled tresses.

Mizani spent years researching the needs of women with natural texture, including enlisting the help of NaturallyCurly.com and CurlStylist.com.

As part of its efforts to help stylists and consumers understand texture, the company developed the Mizani Natural Curl Key. This easy-to-use reference guide allows professional stylists the opportunity to identify the hair type of any client and determine its key characteristics and special needs, as well as the most beneficial in-salon services and at-home haircare.

With the support of world-renowned scientists in the U.S. and France, Mizani developed this innovative guide to global hair types based on specific shape criteria and utilized a scientific approach to measuring features of hair strands. This includes the curve diameter, curl index, number of twists and number of waves. The results that emerged from this extensive research identified eight distinct hair types worldwide.

“Mizani’s approach to education is unsurpassed in the multi-ethnic category by constantly offering advancements like this diagnostic tool to equip the professional with excellence,” says Maria Cerminara, Vice President of Marketing for Mizani USA. “The Mizani Natural Curl Key will enable our stylists to not only properly evaluate and classify their clients hair but also make informed recommendations on the best products and treatments for different hair types.”