moraccanoil hair dryer review

I have been through blow dryer after blow dryer and longed for a dryer that fulfills all of my needs. When we were children, we used the tried-and-true Gold ‘N Hot handheld blow-dryer with the comb and brush attachments, which was perfect. My sisters, cousins, and I wore relaxers and our dryers did the trick of blowing out our coily roots before we flat ironed our hair. Sometimes we didn’t even need to iron it, imagine that!

However, when I became a professional stylist, I had experience with multiple commercial blow-dryers. Several of which were great stylers, but I used them so often on clients that I found myself replacing them every four months. In 2012, I went through four blow-dryers. In 2013, I went through three! I knew I couldn’t keep this up. So I pursued a “professional grade” blow-dryer. Most professional dryers are of high quality with high wattage, multiple heat settings, better longevity, and have better warranty options. Unfortunately, this was no small task.

A Word on Blow-Dryers

Different blow-drying techniques call for different tools to achieve different outcomes. For round brushing, I found the Babyliss Pro and the Solano to quietly and successfully perform at high levels for the voluminous blowout that clients want while protecting the integrity of the hair. However, I still needed something more. These dryers met the need of many textures within my clientele, but my ethnic curlies had an unmet need that only a comb attachment could fill. I found myself back on the market for a dryer with a comb attachment! When I found one of professional standards, a different problem arose. While the air blew hot and strong, the comb attachment was thin, therefore inhibiting the hot air, shooting it back up the nozzle, which was damaging the fan. I was also disposing of blow-dryer combs like candy so I laid low on dryer shopping until I noticed the Moroccanoil Tourmalite Ceramic Hair Dryer. Because this is a professional grade blow-dryer, the price tag is higher than your commercial dryer at $12o.50. But when you go through four blow dryers a year the investment starts to make sense. It comes with three attachments: speed dry nozzle, curl defining diffuser, and you guessed it, straightening comb attachment!

I was elated! I knew the popularity of the Moroccanoil brand, so I gave it a whirl and to my pleasant surprise, the comb attachment was strong and wide toothed, which is better for detangling. I found it to preserve shine and increased drying time, which is healthier for the hair. My experience with this dryer produced favorable results. I love the strong airflow, range of heat options, cool switch, attachments, and its design!

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