I had the pleasure of having Atlanta based Design Essentials stylist Francesca get hands on with my tresses and teach me a few techniques to get me out of my wash and go styling rut.

After informing me that, though I have a full head of hair, the strands themselves are fine, she also let me know that the creams I tend to favor may be a bit too heavy for my delicate curls. “So what should I to use to impart moisture and sheen to my hair?” I asked.  Francesca was ready with an entire regimen recommendation:

  1. Start off with Design Essentials Natural Sulfate Free Curl Cleanser Shampoo (no more than once a week) to give your curls a fresh start. Its silicone, paraben, paraffin, petrolatum, mineral oil free formula gently cleanses the hair while adding a healthy dose of moisture.
  2. Follow with the Natural Moisturizing Conditioner, a highly moisturizing conditioner rich with nourishing jojoba oil, rose hip oil and coconut milk.
  3. After rinsing thoroughly, while the hair is still damp, the Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion is just the lightweight, yet moisture rich product my fine tresses need. I can use it for my normal wash and go’s or to refresh second (and third and fourth day hair). I can also combine it with other products to get any desired style.

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  1. When I want to step out of my box and try something new, Francesca showed me how to part my hair into sections and combine an equal mix of Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse and Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion in my hands. After emulsifying the products in my hands, she instructed me to apply it evenly, section by section and then working my curls into two strand twists (using bigger sections for looser curls waves and smaller sections for tighter ones) and allowing my hair to dry fully.
  2. Once fully dry, she recommended using Design Essentials Silk Essentials to lightly coat my hands and fingers while removing the twists in order to maintain the curl pattern, seal in moisture, and add a healthy dose of shine.

So now I’m super excited, because I feel totally equipped to attempt the style for myself at home. I’ll be sure to share if and when I achieve the look successfully!

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