Clay hair and face masks are trending due to the various benefits they offer. Not only do they remove toxins and metals out of your hair, they also contribute to the shine, thickness, and smoothness of your curls.

So what is bentonite clay?

Found in volcanic ash, bentonite clay is a mineral heavy clay that can singlehandedly change your hair and skin routines for the better. Known for its detoxifying benefits, bentonite clay also helps with curl definition, curl clumping, and when used on the skin, helps pull impurities and toxins from deep within the pores. This clay can be mixed with rose water, apple cider vinegar, tap water, and even green tea to achieve its maximum benefits! For more information on the background of this clay, check out how this clay can help out your skin and hair! With a resurgence in the products that contain clay, bentonite is at the top of the list for some. Here are a few products that feature this clay!

Shea Moisture Beauty Hack Face + Body + Hair Aztec Bentonite Clay 

Bentonite can be used as a detoxifier, clarifier, and purifier for hair and skin. When applying a clay it needs be wet for the healing properties to activate. As soon as the clay dries up, it safely extracts the toxins and metals out of your hair and skin. Consequently, the strength of your hair gets a boost and your skin looks brighter and refreshed. I like to use a bentonite clay mask on my skin, when it feels exceptionally oily or I am having a bad breakout.

Bobeam J'Rel's Detox Black Vanilla and Sandalwood Clay Shampoo Bar

This delicious bar is a clay shampoo bar. Since bentonite is one of the main ingredients of this product, you will immediately benefit from the detoxifying benefit that it offers, without having the disarray in your kitchen after preparing a clay mask. For shampoo bars, I highly recommend cutting the bar into pieces for ease of use when washing your hair.

KMS California Hair Play Clay Creme

Next to hair masks and shampoos there are also styling creams that contain clay.  The KMS cream provides you the same benefits that the hair mask and shampoo offers you. However, the product also gives your curls hold.  I would strongly recommend using a good shampoo prior to using this cream in order to remove product build-up, as the styling cream is quite strong and will be an added layer that could lead to matted curls.

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Conditioner

When you want to boost the volume of your hair without having to visit the hairdresser you could try this clay conditioner. Due to ingredients such as jasmine and certified peppermint, this product has an amazing fragrance. Peppermint oil also boosts the volume of your hair. This one also included certified acacia gum, which lifts the hair, causing more volume at your roots. 

So how do you feel about clay in your hair?

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