I remember my first can of mousse. It was the '80s, and it was all about big hair. It seemed everyone had perms and mall bangs. With my curls, it required extreme measures to get the look — a half hour of blow drying and my Clairol Instant Hairsetter hot rollers. I still remember the smell of them heating up.

When I went to get my haircut, the stylist whipped out a can, and spritzed a dollop of this strange new styling concoction in his palm. I was intrigued. I loved the results — soft, shiny hold.

Over the years, I would abandon my mousse can only to rediscover it. I loved Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Vidal Sassoon Mousse. I still remember the smell.

When I finally went curly in my 30s, mousse seemed to take a back seat to the new generation of gels and styling creams that were coming out especially for curly hair.

About two months ago, I returned to mousse. I was on a trip and happened to be without product. I stepped into a drug store and noticed the wide range of curl mousses available. I bought some Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Mousse. Great results. Then I tried a can of Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Scrunching Mousse. Since then, I've used Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse and Joico JoiWhip, all with great results. My 3b curls are shiny and defined — at least most days.

It's nice to know you can return to an old love and discover it's only improved with age.

What products have you had the pleasure of rediscovering?