While many women may think of their hair washing day as just a peaceful, relaxing shower, the reality for many with wavy and curly hair is different.

For those of us with textured hair, Wash Day is the time we take special care of our hair so that it will turn out the best it can be.

While I frequently use the steam from my showers midweek as a DIY curl refresher, I only do a full wash routine two to three times a week depending on how my curls hold up. In order to ensure that I have the best chance at great curls, I have a few go-to essentials that I use every wash day that continuously have given me wonderful results!


For the best possible hair you need to remove any buildup that you may have while not stripping your hair of its natural oils. I have found for my type 2c hair that the best cleanser routine for me is with 1 sulfate free shampoo a week and a co-wash the other Wash Days.

Hair mask

Once a week I like to treat my hair to a nice deep condition, making sure that I retain a good balance of moisture and protein in my strands. Depending on how my hair feels when I wash it with my shampoo, I reach for a protein mask if my hair is feeling too soft or mushy, or I go for a moisture-rich mask if it feels brittle.

Rinse-out conditioner

My rinse-out conditioner is the rock of my entire Wash Day because it will appropriately moisturize my waves while beginning to help define and clump my curls for styling.


The only time I will ever let a brush near my hair is when it is soaking wet and there is a rinse-out conditioner still in my hair to help with slip. I find that, when I brush my hair at this point I am still able to reform my curl clumps and do not have to worry about frizz or tangles.

  • The Wet Brush: This has been my favorite brush that I have found so far because it is able to gently detangle my hair without a ton of breakage.

Leave-In Conditioner

This is the step where I follow the Squish to Condish Method to apply my leave-in conditioner. Keep in mind that this product must be light enough not to weigh wavy hair down but should also be moisturizing enough to keep frizz at bay.

  • Yes to Ultra Moisture Coconut and Argan Oil Conditioner: This has been a favorite squish to condish conditioner since I started this method. The yes to brand offers curly girl friendly products that leave your hair perfectly moisturized and still light enough to not look stringy.

What's in your Wash Day wavy hair stash?

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