Hair may be dead, but the hoopla surrounding it is alive and constantly moving to a beat of billions of dollars in hair products and services. While we love discussing the ins and outs of our hair and what it needs, there are still valid concerns on what works for our hair. As hard as we scour the planet for the best ingredients, it seems too often we are merely guessing about what may work or not work. 

What if you could scientifically determine which products, regimens, and techniques that yielded beautifully healthy hair…would you do it? What if you could send a few shed hairs to a group of expert scientists to tell you what your hair needs? Would you try it? Well, if you have been waiting on a service to do just that then you may be in luck, as four engineers from Georgia Tech were set on a mission to transform the hair industry by creating hair care recommendation system.

What is Myavana?

Myavana is a hair care system that uses sample strands of your hair, taken from four areas of the head; only the strands that would come out when your hair is combed. Do not send cut samples. The hair samples are small, never saved, and are disposed of in an environmentally sound way. Once they get the strands they are taken to a lab where scientists analyze your hair. Assessing key hair characteristics down to the microscopic level that matches you with the best products and ingredients on the market. In about four weeks you will receive a report on your hair, recommended products, and regimen. You get 2-3 trial sizes of products and should notice results after the first wash. They recommend styles that work for your particular hair type and match you with a hairstylist in your area that specializes in your hair type. They also have hair care experts on hand to answer all of your questions during your journey.

What are the benefits of using Myavana?

  • You don't have to spend a bunch of time and money on finding the right products for you, they do that work for you.
  • Naturals can become product junkies, which cannot only waste time and money but can also be damaging to their hair.
  • This system helps you bypass the guesswork.
  • This service is for all hair types.

These are product recommendations on a microscopic level. It definitely is a newer way to master healthy hair and with the boom in beauty subscription boxes, it aligns with what many women are doing already but taking out the guesswork to achieving what we all want: healthy, beautiful hair.

How much does it cost?

The analysis of your hair strand costs $75. This includes a "complete assessment of the current state of your hair" and comes with a "personalized hair care plan on how to reach your hair goals."

If you want to do the hair analysis and receive full size products, services, content and support based on your results, there are several membership options: $30 every month for 3 months, $27 every month for 6 months, or $25 every month for 12 months.

The full size products come from brands such as Alikay Naturals, Design Essentials, Creme of Nature, Eden Bodyworks and Coco Curls.

Research and development has always played a major role in the beauty industry. This is a hybrid of hair care development that Techturized Inc., founded in June 2012, by four African-American female engineers from Georgia Tech  who saw a need and began to fill it.

I will be trialling the system the 3 month membership myself so I will write a full review of my experience with the personalized hair consultation and the products in the coming months!

Who’s ready to take the plunge?