FORM was created as a full-service, at-home hair care and styling collection for women of all texture types.

Keeping in mind that not just one ingredient or formulation is a cure-all for common curl and scalp concerns, the makers at FORM determined that each product must relieve the specific concern of individual consumers. These concerns can run the gamut based on texture, styling, porosity, and so much more:

Protective styling

Source: FORM Beauty


Source: FORM Beauty


Source: FORM Beauty

That is why FORM is so intriguing to curlies of the world: All women, of every texture type, are able to share their maintenance and styling routine with FORM via a free account sign-up.

The process of signing up is more like an educational and informative questionnaire, with sleek graphics intermittently appearing between questions.

Once the questionnaire is complete, a list of product recommendations, specific to needs the curly woman needs addressed, appears. Items can be purchased as an entire system or a la carte. The choice is left to the curly!

It is clear from the visual communication (see above video) by FORM that each product is catered to the unique curl, texture, and scalp concerns of every woman.

FORM Beauty was created for the textured hair consumer by the founders and makers at Bevel, the prodigious provider of shaving and maintenance products that alleviate skin irritation and razor bumps. Both companies are subsidiaries of Walker and Company, a Black-owned company that aims to offer the most effective hair and skin care collections in the beauty industry.

Learn more about this unique textured hair care experience by visiting FORM Beauty online today!