Davines, a hot new organic product line hitting the United States from Italy, is fast gaining a following among Red Carpet curlies such as Keri Russell.

Davines was founded by the Bollati family in 1983 as a research laboratory and producer of professional cosmetic products for hairstyling salons and spas. Initially, the company produced products for major cosmetic and perfume brands. But in the '90s, the company decided it was time to produce products under its own name.

Over the past 10 years, the product line has grown, now boasting such lines as the Mask Color Conditioning system, the Shine System, the Volume System, the Alchemy System and Natural Tech. The most recent launch is Davines/Essential Haircare.

Davines stylist Damian Monzillo of Lather Beauty Lounge in L.A., used the line to create the 'dos for many of the stars' hair for the Academy Awards.

Application is key, Monzillo says. For starters, keep your hair from getting very dry in the first place by not washing it too much.

The trick? Even if you work out a lot or use tons of product in your hair, don’t shampoo!

“Just rinse and condition,” Monzillo said. “Rinsing gets rid of almost anything Davines makes, because it’s water-soluble. If you sweat, conditioning will get rid of any smell you’re worried about.”

Then, when you’re toweling dry, don’t rub your hair vigorously. “The less you disturb the cuticle, the better,” Monzillo said.

“Push water out into towel with hands rather than aggressively drying with towel. Start at the top and then scrunch top to bottom.” Now that you’re ready to put product in, start by mixing all three of your products in your hand. “Start with the roots and then rake through all hair with fingers,” Monzillo said. “Finish by combing through, which will push more water to the ends. Then you have to towel the ends again. Our hair holds water on the ends, because they’re older and more thirsty.”

Monzillo's clientele include Kate Moss, Kirk Hammet, Maya Angelou and Seth Green. He has done photo shoots for such publications as Vogue and Self. He just was voted one of the best hairdressers in California by the New Hair Stylist Association.

To find out where to buy Davines products, call 1-866-DAVINES.

Damian Monzillo's curly cocktails

Fine, curly hair – a relaxing fluid such as Davines’ Defining System Relaxing Fluid, style gel such as Davines’ Artifixture gel and a replenishing leave-in mist.

Super-tight curly hair – a relaxing fluid, a styling cream such as Davines’ Bio creme and a hair paste such as Davines’ carving paste

Thicker curly hair – relaxing fluid, a hair gel such as Davines’ Honey Gel and a leave-in cream such as Davines’ Moisturizing Daily Crème,

With all the products on the market labeled “curly hair,” “dry,” “frizzy,' sometimes it’s hard to figure out which one is right for your hair