Every new year we vow to eat better, exercise more, and improve our quality of life. What about your curls? What’s your new CURLS resolution?

Curly hair, the most temperamental, climate dependent, frizz-prone hair type, requires extra care, time and attention to achieve effortless, frizz-free curls. It’s time to spruce up those spirals and put a twirl in those curls!

Here are a few New CURLS Resolutions you can incorporate as your own.

  • Learn to love your curls. Embrace your kinks. Cherish your waves. Textured tresses are all the rave…straight haired women wish they had the volume we do. Flaunt it!
  • Minimize breakage by letting your hair air-dry as often as possible. Heat styling leads to dryness, and dryness is the cause of breakage. Some prefer to shampoo at night to allow my hair to air dry overnight. For those that prefer to shower in the am, use a diffuser on the lowest setting possible.
  • Be selective … do not let just any stylist cut your tresses. Not every stylist knows how to cut curly hair, so you should seek someone who specializes in it. Check out NaturallyCurly.com’s huge database of recommended salons for a stylist in your area.
  • Want a Diana Ross 1980s afro? Brush your curly hair and that is just what you will get! If you prefer frizz-free curls…avoid brushing your curls. Use a wide-toothed shower detangler to evenly distribute conditioner and detangle your curls in the shower.

    Recommended product: CURLS Shower Detangler.

  • Cool water, warm conditioner —For deeper cuticle penetration, warm up your conditioner before applying it to your freshly cleansed hair. For greater sheen, rinse the conditioner off with a cool water rinse to seal the hair cuticle and enhance sheen.

    Recommended product: Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Give your curls extra hydration during the winter months. Retire your hair gel, mousse, and hair spray…bring back your curl creams for extra hydration.

    Recommended product: Curl Soufflé

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