Ouidad Moisture Lock

Ouidad, a pioneer in the curly world, has often taken her inspiration for new hair-care products from the science of skin care. She feels that you should protect your hair in the same way you protect your lips and skin from environmental dehydration.

That's the thinking behind new Moisture Lock, a revolutionary new hybrid leave-in conditioner and pre-styler that has been in development for more than two years.

Ouidad Moisture Lock is a weightless treatment that infuses each individual hair with conditioning proteins. Conditioned hair is the best way to protect it from environmental factors such as heat and humidity, but also to prepare hair for styling products. It contains ingredients such as arnica (a homeopathic healing ingredient that promotes strength), prickly pear cactus (which seals in moisture and creates a protective barrier against moisture loss) and green tea and Pro-Vitamin B5 (which protect the hair and restores healthy texture and shine.) The end result is beautiful, conditioned curls that are protected and prepared for styling products.

Moisture Lock is formulated for curls that require the highest level of frizz controlling moisture. It is appropriate for most hair types, particularly for dehydrated hair. It is not recommended for those with thin or limp curls. It can be used along with a regular conditioner for those with thick, dehydrated hair, or alone for those whose hair isn't dry.

Of Ouidad clients who evaluated Moisture Lock, 89% noticed an improvement in their hair after using it for two weeks.

"I was very surprised at how much I liked this new product," said one client. "I usually leave a little conditioner in after washing my hair, and honestly I thought I would have the same result. I didn't. My hair was softer and less brittle."

Another client commented that Moisture Lock has made a huge difference in the texture and manageability of her hair — both wet and dry.

Leave-ins differ from regular conditioners in a few ways. Regular conditioners balance the pH of the hair at its most delicate and most vulnerable state — immediately after shampooing. The second function of a regular conditioner is to detangle curls after shampooing. Moisture Lock leave-in goes beyond these benefits by creating a protective barrier that adds shine while safeguarding the hair for health and vitality.

Many Ouidad customers are big fans of Botanical Boost Spray-in Conditioner. Moisture Lock is for people whose hair needs more moisture.



Moisture Lock is the latest in a series of innovations for Ouidad, who has spent more than 20 years specializing in curls. When Ouidad first opened her salon in 1986, funded by a small business loan and the generosity of friends and family, only a handful of clients walked in. She put everything on the line, believing that there was a need for somebody to work with curly hair. She persevered, staying focused on her goal, earning the nickname "Queen of Curls."

"'All of a sudden, I got bombarded," said the curly entrepreneur. "By year three, I paid everybody back."

Ouidad now has a New York salon, a new salon opening in Santa Monica later this month, and a dozen certified salons in the United States and Canada. The company has also developed 19 products specifically for wavy, curly and kinky hair.

Ouidad said the real victory comes with seeing a younger generation that embraces rather than fights their curls. Twenty years ago, young girls would come into her salon like they were being brought into an emergency room, begging for help with their hair.

"Now they say 'I love my hair!,' Ouidad says. "All my friends want hair like mine?"

Tips for Using Moisture Lock

  • When styling, apply a nickel-size dab to the hair. Apply your styling lotion over it for a long-lasting, moisturizing shine.
  • During the day, Moisture Lock can be applied to dry hair to tame frizz and bring curls back to life.
  • Before coloring, apply Moisture Lock to protect the hair shaft form color building up. For high-lift blondes, Moisture Lock is a great base applied on the hair dry before highlighting to protect the hair while the color lifts.