Dear Ouidad: I'm 16 years old. My hair has been giving me a lot of trouble lately and I was wondering if there was anything you could do to help. My hair is about three inches or so below my shoulders, and it is extremely curly. However, it has a lot of different textures. In the very front, the hair is soft and has loose curls. The curls at the back of my head are very tight corkscrew curls. The underneath layer is composed of mostly tight, defined curls, but the top layer, especially on the back of my head, has little curl definition and is mostly kinky, frizzy waves.

I have tried all I can to condition my curls, but I can never seem to get the back part of my hair under control. I would love for all of my hair to be like those several strands in the front, but the rest of my hair just won't cooperate. I am currently using Nexxus shampoo and conditioner in my hair (it was recommended by my hairdresser) and it seems to moisturize my hair fairly well, but I still have tons of frizz in the back. I just don't know how to keep that large, dry bit of hair hydrated any more that I already am. I would do anything to get rid of that frizz!!


This picture has nothing to do with anything.

It may sound silly, but I have always wished I could run my fingers through my hair without worrying that it will frizz up in the spots where I touched it; or that I could let my hair down and shake it out without it blowing up like a balloon. However, since I'm only sixteen I don't know if it would be smart to do a permanent treatment such as a softening treatment. I have tried straightening my hair, but it takes up to two hours to do it right, and it only seems to look good when my hairstylist straightens it. Is there any way I can get looser curls, or simply less frizzy curls, without spending a fortune? Are there any products I can try (either that I could find a store or from that will give my curls the desired look? I have not yet found a leave-in conditioner or "curl-defining spray" that takes the frizz out of my hair. In fact, most products I have used tend to give my hair more frizz once it dries, make it brittle, or dry it out. If you have the time, I would love for you to write me back. Let me know if you want me to clarify anything about my hair or the products I have previously used. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

A: To get looser, less-frizzy curls you need proper conditioning and styling for your curls. The natural curl pattern of your hair can’t be changed, but you can coax frizzier, tighter curls into a more defined look. Be sure the products you use are all water soluble (all of my products are) so that they won’t build up in the hair and weigh curls down. However products alone will not automatically transform your unmanageable curls. Visit for information on my Rake & Shake styling technique that will help you style your curls.