Q: I received a bad cut 10 months ago that stripped out most of my 3a curl (which I used to just air dry with drugstore products). I've tried a Deva cut and have spent a ton of money on other specialty cuts and products but have yet to see my spirals come back, even when I use a diffuser. I'm lucky if I get 2a curls now! Any suggestions on how to get my curls back, and how long it should take?

A: It sounds like the damage the ends of your curly hair may have been caused by cutting with a razor rather than scissors. Razors can cause damage to the ends of the curl. In the future, be sure to visit a stylist that will cut your hair with a scissors. Also, if you can get to one of my flagship NYC or Santa Monica salons or one of my certified salons, a Carve & Slice cut will help bring some of your curl back!