Here in Texas, where NaturallyCurly is based, we haven't experienced a drop in temperatures, the changing of leaves, or the crisp air you may associate with fall. In fact, we're still wearing our summer dresses and drinking cold Topo Chicos, but that hasn't shielded us from the Product Junkie urge to try new products with the new season. If (like me) you've been filling up your shopping cart with products and leaving them there, now is the time to check out because the SHOPNaturallyCurly's All Things Fall Haul sale has all of our favorite products for 23% off this weekend. Here are a few of our favorite products from the editors' fall haul. I'll link each editor so you can learn more about their hair and curl pattern.


bottle of alikay naturals hair growth oil

Alikay Hair Growth Oil

"I'm doing more to get in touch with myself this year, and that includes practicing semi-regular scalp massage. Alikay's Growth Oil has an herbaceous scent that I absolutely love, the nozzle applicator I've come to expect from my oil cocktails now (decanting off-the-shelf products is for the birds), and it's been a wonderfully stimulating blend in the face of fall allergies and tension headaches! The horsetail in the oil does induce a little grit, so this works best as a pre-poo, or a middle of the week treatment if your hair isn't braided into a protective style. As to my growth, to be completely transparent, I have been using other growth products in tandem, however, Facebook's memory feature doesn't lie! I'll be sitting on my coils in no time." - April

bottle of carols daughter marula curl therapy

Carol's Daughter Marula Curl Therapy Gentle Cream Cleanser

"Honestly, this had me at "rose oil." I'm kind of obsessed with how the flower treats my skin and my décor, so when I can put it in my hair too, it's "run, don't walk." I only started using cleansers rather than straight conditioners to wash my hair this year, and this super gentle formula is top of my fall list! It helped break up my build up better than I would have expected for something so rich, and on top of that, my hair was so soft and slippy after I rinsed, I almost considered not following with conditioner altogether. Also, as a packaging fangirl, I gotta say I love that the bottle is a flat twist-open. No leaking, and I can store it upside down to get all the goodness out? Yes please, and thank you." - April


tub of camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner

Camille Rose Naturals Algae Deep Conditioner

"I've been getting really into my masks and deep treatments this fall. On a Sunday I like to apply a hair mask and a clay face mask, so that I feel like a new person by the time Monday rolls around. I've been alternating between moisturizing masks and protein masks, and I'm finding that this gives me the best results. This Camille Rose DC smells like actual cake batter, which makes it a joy to use, and it leaves my hair feeling super soft. I like to apply it and then put on one of these Donna Clear Disposable Plastic Caps. I'm frugal, so I'll usually get a couple of uses out of each, and this pack comes with 30!" - Cristina

tub of sheamoisture body scrub

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hand & Body Scrub

"Not only have I been pampering my face and hair, but this body scrub makes my showers feel downright royal. If you've ever smelled SheaMoisture's Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil hair products you know what I'm talking about. This fall has had my skin vascillating between oil slick and desert dryness, so I'm trying to be patient and treat it to moisture and goodness." - Cristina


tub of as i am doublebutter cream

As I Am DoubleButter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizer

"This moisturizer is especially great right now because it deeply moisturizes my curls in the cooler weather and is truly multipurpose. On wash day, I like to put a dime-sized amount on my palms and run it over my halo on freshly washed hair that has been air drying for about 10 minutes. Then I plop gently with a towel to remove excess water and moisture, and style. Usually a finger fluff action will do." - Devri

bottle of sheamoisture coconut oil leave in

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Detangler

"This may be labeled as a detangler but I'm loving use it as a great refresher that doubles as an edge tamer for sleek updos. I like to spritz a little bit directly onto my Wet Brush and brush in an upward motion around my edges on dry hair. Bonus: it contains a nice light coconut scent that is reminiscent of summer vacation." - Devri


bottle of everyday shea body wash

Everyday Shea Body Wash - Lavender

"Having no point of reference or reviews to read, I trusted my gut when reading through its ingredients list and decided to take the plunge. Since receiving it last week, this lather-rich body wash has my heart and soul. Not just because it's a legit 32 ounces of goodness. It's not even because of its relaxing lavender scent and cleansing neem oil. It is because of its parent company, Alaffia, which empowers West African women, men, and children through its various Alaffia Empowerment Projects. Printed on its pump-bottle is the story of Alaffia and a number of donated resources each project has bestowed upon thousands of people. In addition to this ethical trade-based body wash being a source of empowerment, it's gentle on my skin and its scent is complementary to my favorite perfumes and body lotions. It's a great hydrating body wash for Fall, especially for people with dry skin that don't like creamy/lotion body washes that don't rinse off well and sit on the skin." - Gerilyn

Long Aid Naturals Tea Tree Detox Clarifying Spray

"Several months ago, my curls needed refreshment and my scalp needed clarifying because I'd been product testing like a mad (wo)man. Lo and behold, this spray was the ONLY one that helped me avoid shampooing every day of the week. It is perfect for me, especially now that I have pledged my life and my ends to protective styles. Before my coily hair life changed forever because of Evelyn's box braids experiment, I have been using this spray to clarify my scalp and hair strands between wash days and when rocking Bantu Knots. It sprays onto the scalp easily, doesn't need to be rubbed in, and just gets the job done, especially when paired with Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Shine Mist, which I spray on and rub into my scalp after clarifying. It will continue to be my go-to Holy Grail clarifier for fall." - Gerilyn

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer

"So, protective styles not only take several hours to install... they take hours of TLC. Having found this out the hard way, after a night filled with hair flipping and whipping (come on, we live in Austin - there's a concert every single day), I was faced with the plight of box braid reinstallment. It would have been impossible without the help of YouTubers that know precisely what they're doing and this amazing spray-on restructurizer. Its promise to keep curls from breaking with keratin and bacteria-fighting green tea sold me. When it came time to rebraid a fallen soldier in the front of my head, I sprayed the restructurizer on the root of the box-sectioned hair and worked it through to the ends. Then, I braided (at least 4 different times) the synthetic black, blue, and purple hair back onto my natural hair. It was quite the experience, and am glad I purchased this restructurizer on a "Free Shipping Today Only!" whim :) #lifesaver" - Gerilyn

All of these products and more are 23% off on SHOPNaturallyCurly from October 14-18 using the code HAUL23.

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