Pro Tips from Curly Leyda: Bronzing 101

2009-10-30 14:29:25

Pro Tips from Curly Leyda: Bronzing 101

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Leyda Quintero

Please welcome our latest writer, Leyda Quintero, who began experimenting with makeup at 13. By 18, she says was familiar with just about every brand and had tried every foundation, concealer and powder out there! She also began working with a photographer making up models for their headshots and learned a lot about concealing imperfections, contouring and highlighting and how to enhance every feature of the face while making it look seamless.

Throughout her career, Leyda has traveled to 25 different countries and used her talents on VH1, The Oxygen Channel, A&E and commercials for Hennessey Black. Leyda has been featured in many international publications such as Hapaar’s Bazaar, People en Español, In Style, Swedish Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Elle. She has demonstrated her tips and techniques on various television stations in Venezuela, Ukraine, Ireland, Panama & Costa Rica. Leyda believes "there's magic in makeup and you see it in the unshakable confidence a women exudes when she feels beautiful" Perfecting and enhancing women around the globe has made Leyda an industry favorite. As Resident Artist at Devachan Salons in SoHo, Leyda has found her home where she not only create makeup masterpieces each and every day, but teach others to do the same, as well. She has come full circle - providing lessons, offering how-to seminars, and bringing out the natural beauty in all of her clients. To make an appointment, call (212) 274-8686.

By the time summer officially rolls around, my Marilyn Manson skin tone is begging for the sun. Living in the city with no beach in sight made bronzer my B.F.F.

My advice to sun worshippers is to fake it, not bake it. Avoid the sun's damaging rays, all without the muss and fuss and use a bronzer.

This month, I tested nearly every bronzer out there to find the creme de la creme of bronzers. all without the muss and fuss and use a bronzer.

This month I will help you find the ideal bronzer shade for your skin tone, the right brush, what bronzer is best, along with steps on how to apply bronzer correctly.

P.S Stay tuned next month for more of my favorite makeup tips, beauty secrets and products!

If your skin color looks like: Your skin tone is: Your bronzer shade is:
Nicole Kidman; Naomi Watts White; very fair; red or blond hair; blue eyes; freckles & or slightly translucent skin; (Cool) Slightly blue or pink undertone Sheer slightly rose
Scarlett Johansson;Rose McGowan; Madonna White; fair; red or blond hair; blue, hazel, or green eyes (Warm or Cool) Sheer slightly peach
Angelina Jolie; Shakira; Lucy Liu Cream; white; fair with any eye or hair color; (Warm)-Golden; yellow undertone Sheer Copper
Salma Hayek; Jennifer Lopez Light Brown; typical Mediterranean caucasian skin (Warm)-Olive undertone Earth
Beyonce; Frieda Pinto Medium Brown; mid-eastern skin types (Warm) Olive; Golden Undertone Bronze
Iman; Naomi Campell Dark Brown (Warm)-Yellow;Red or (Cool)-Blue Undertone Chocolate with Subtle Shimmer

The Bronzer

One advantage of painting faces in New York City is the variety of skin tones I get to make up! I tried and tested several bronzers to find the best quality, blendability and shade for each skin tone and below are my favorites out there!

If your ideal shade is: One to try: Where to buy:
Sheer Slightly Rose
Lorac Warm Glow

Brand: Lorac
Product: Bronzer
Shade: Warm Glow
Price $ 28.00
Sheer Slightly Peach
Cargo Light Bronzer

Brand: Cargo
Product: Bronzer
Shade: Light
Price $25
Sheer Copper
Glo Bronze

Brand: Glo Minerals
Product: Glo Bronze
Shade: Sunlight
Price $38.50

Deva Spa
For $1 shipping!
Guerlain Terracotta

Brand: Guerlain
Product: Terracotta Mineral Loose Powder w/kabuki brush
Price: $65
Park Avenue Princess Bronzer

Brand: Tarte
Product: Bronzer
Shade: Park Avenue Princess
Price: $28
Chocolate with Subtle Shimmer
Nars Casino

Brand: Nars
Product: Bronzer
Shade: Casino
Price $30

The Right Brush

Using the right tools are key to the perfect application. Choose the effect you prefer to find the right brush!

Effect: Brush Type: Try:
Sheer Fan Brush
Lightly dusts powders around the contours of your features. It doesn't blend or move makeup
Sephora Pro Platinum

Sephora Brand Professional Platinum Natural Fan Brush #43
Price: $30

Light/Medium Texture Brush
Ideal for creating soft layers of shimmer or adding texture to your makeup. The flat top is used for lightweight application
Glo Minerals Texture Brush
Glo Mineral Texture Brush

Price: $32
Deva Spa
For $1 shipping!

Full/Complete "Kabuki" Brush
Super dense brush that is ideal for buffing and blending. Kabuki brushes are my favorite brushes to work with and worth the investment!
Nars Botan Brush
Nars Botan Brush

Price: $75
Free Shipping

6 steps for the perfect bronze :

  1. Thoroughly exfoliate face, neck and decollete
  2. Apply moisturizer and allow to absorb completely
  3. Lightly dust a matte translucent powder all over the face, neck and decollete
  4. In circular motions, starting at the forehead frame the outer areas of the face and blend in towards the center.
  5. Concentrate deepening sides of the forehead, framing the cheekbones and jawline while lightly dusting over the rest of the face, neck and decollete
  6. When applied correctly, the center of the face will be slightly lighter than the outer areas of the face which will be naturally enhance with added dimension while the bronzed areas will sunkiss and contour your best features

Helpful Tips:

  • *Always exfoliate before bronzing to prevent the bronzer from sticking to rough uneven areas.
  • *If you have rosacea choose a matte earthy shade bronzer with an olive undertone
  • *Always apply a matte translucent powder all over the face before applying bronzer to avoid streaking or the oils in your skin from turning the bronzer orange.
  • * You may use a concealer lightly to conceal imperfections but should avoid applying bronzer over liquid or cream foundation as it tends to look thick, orange or cakey by the end of the day.
  • *Peach, Pink and Berry Cream blushes look great over bronzer!
Leyda Q

Leyda Q

How gorgeous do the models look - fantastic application tips!
I love your makeup tips.
thanks for the tips!