The Mane Choice has garnered some serious hype for their masks in the past.

From their slip-rich Green Tea and Carrot Mask to their strengthening Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote, they seem to know exactly what's driving our Product Junkie purchasing decisions. Now that they've nailed slip and anti-breakage, they're zeroing in on what just might be the number one challenge in every curly girl's regimen: moisture.

mane choice heavenly halo products

The Mane Choice recently released their newest line, Heavenly Halo, which is being sold exclusively in Target. The 6-product line was designed to "restore moisture-depleted hair with intense hydration. Highly concentrated with essential hydrating ingredients to help deliver vital moisture to each strand." Luckily for our Product-Junkie wallets, the products are all under $20. The line includes a pre-poo, a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask, a softening milk, and a serum oil mist. The moisturizing formulas contain hydrating ingredients like curly favorites Burdock root oil and yucca root, along with Umutanga oil, palmarosa oil, and Yashtimadhu root.

After the long, hot summer we've had in Texas, our Senior Copywriter Gerilyn was eager to see if the Heavenly Halo Herbal Hair Tonic & Soy Milk Deep Hydration Mask would live up to its promise of "noticeably restoring hydration in dry, thirsty hair." I asked Gerilyn about her first impressions so far.

mane choice heavenly halo deep hydration mask product package

Can you tell us about your hair type?

"Type 4C, low porosity, high density, mixed fine-medium width"

How would you describe the consistency of the mask?

"The product feels like lightly whipped butter cream and smooth to the touch, almost like a heavy body lotion. I am used to hair masks weighing down my curls, but this surprisingly lightweight formula was easily absorbed into my wet hair strands. When I worked it through my curls, from roots to ends, I was pleased that I didn't have to readjust how much I put in my hair; one scoop was generous enough to coat my entire head of curls. The mask soaked into my shower cap-covered curls for the instructed 15 minutes."

What does it smell like?

"The mask smells sweet, stirring memories of multi-colored marshmallows and birthday cake icing, which is as soothing as it is sensorially pleasant."

Now most importantly, did it work?

"Knowing that my natural hair would be in need of deep hydration and nourishing replenishment after taking down my box braids and immediately subjecting my my curls to a blow out, I needed to nourish, hydrate, and reintroduce strength to my curls. That is why I reached for this deep hydration mask from The Mane Choice. I would like to use this mask once more this week because so far, it has made my hair ridiculously soft, even after washing it out and adding oil to my scalp. Typically, my hair is soft for all of 12 hours due to its low porosity, or inability to be penetrated by moisturizers and humectants, and this is very frustrating for me. I expect for this mask, upon regular use, will help me maintain moisture balance because it really is so hydrating for my coily hair. So far, I'm here for it!"

Gerilyn had me at "ridiculously soft," but as a Product Junkie who's trying to control their urges, my next question is "how is it different from the Mane Choice's other masks?" aka "if I have a drawer full of deep conditioning masks, how can I justify buying this one?" The answer is that this mask doesn't contain proteins, so if you are protein sensitive or looking for a moisturizing mask to balance out the protein in your regimen, this is for you.

And if that doesn't have me running to my nearest Target for a mask plus 32 more items I don't need, the glowing reviews I've seen in my social feeds lately are doing the trick.

We're currently testing the 5 remaining products in the line on types 2, 3 and 4 hair this week so stay tuned to hear what we think of them. Personally, I'm trying a pre-poo for the first time, and I'm excited to share my results with you.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments: have you tried any of the new Heavenly Halo line yet? What do you think so far?