Check out these money-saving, do-it-yourself tips to stretch salon visits.

The Color Glaze

Hair color chemicals

After the dull and drying after-effects of summer, there's nothing like vibrant color to renew the swagger in your spirals. You can't wait for a rich new hue to add shine and sparkle to brisk fall days—until you do the math and realize you just can't spare the cash for your colorist.

In the salon

A semi- or demi-permanent color glaze can cost anywhere from $60 to $90 and last about four weeks. Still, most curlies probably won't actually get this service every month at the salon, so let's err on the conservative side and say you might get a gloss or glaze every season (or four times a year). When you add it up, it's still big bucks when you're on a tight budget: $240 to $360/year.

At home

You can add your own semi- or demi-permanent color glaze for $10 to $20. Considering the same seasonal regimen (four times a year) = $40 to $80. But remember, not all semi- and demi- glazes are alike. Choose wisely, and if you're not sure what to buy, talk to your stylist and be honest about your budget. Colorists interviewed by in the past have favored Redken Shades EQ and Schwarzkopf (both are pro brands and can be purchased online; a quick Google search will find them). Stylists will warn you, though, that you have to know what you're doing before diving into a dye. Again, ask a professional for help. Maybe even strike a deal where your stylist can offer tips for you at home, if you commit to once-in-a-while color visits in the salon.

Amount saved:

Nearly $200 to $280/year

Bonus tip

Always remember to practice color-saving habits like using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner, to help your color last even longer.

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Teri Evans
Another way to save without necessarily doing it yourself. Check out a training academy for deep treatments or a glaze. You can get a deep treatment for around $10 and a glaze for around $15...depending on where you are at of course. These are semi-professionals who have professionals looking over them, and really..what's to mess up.

This makes so much sence. I am glad to have discovered that I can do close to the same as salons on a small budget.