How we wear our hair says a lot about who we are. It’s the most worn accessory and one of the first things people look at when they first meet you. Basically, aside from plastic surgery, it is the one part of our bodies that when altered, can create a huge impact on how we look…and feel! Asking the advice of your stylist can help to keep your style current. As the official hair sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Redken is the leading resource for hair trends. Here’s what the pros are saying for Spring 2004.


"The stronger frames of last season will still be popular, but with a new twist — transparent overlays," says Kris Sorbie for Redken. Lots of heavy fringe veiled with airy layers. The look can be worn straight or with added volume. For exaggerated fullness, Sorbie recommends using Full Frame 07 protective volumizing mousse on wet hair before blowdrying.

Sorbie also predicts a resurrection of "The Fro" – natural or mock. The contemporary version has sections pulled out creating an asymmetrical shape.

Natural: Rodney Cutler of Cutler NYC suggests working a light-weight product like Redken Lush Whip 04 styling cream through naturally curly hair to create a separated, matte, airy finish.

Mock: For those with straight hair, try Spray Starch 15 heat memory styler and a teensy weensy curling iron to set spiral curls. Introduce the iron near the scalp, wind hair around the barrel and leave ends out.


To style the bolder shapes of the S04 season, Leon Gorman for Streeters and Joseph b. for Frame have a technique they call Saturation. Starting at the nape of the neck, roots are layered with a multitude of products creating incredible shine, strong hold and defined shape. Try layering Concrete 22 cement paste which hardens for a long-lasting rock-solid finish with Full Frame 07 protective volumizing mousse and Spray Starch 15 heat memory styler for the ultimate in Saturation!


Razor sharp cuts with faux hawks cut and colored to be worn up or lay down – either way, to stand out!

Punk’d Up: Use Spray Starch 15 heat memory styler on damp hair and force hair to stand up by using your hands and a brush, pulling up on sections of hair while directing hot air upwards at the root.

Classic Dandy: Work Rough Paste 12 working material through wet or dry hair for clean definition and control.

The most popular product sold to men at Cutler NYC: Rough Paste 12 working material. Why? It delivers separation without stickiness.

Redken Styling: Hi-tech formulas, inspiring textures, street-smart looks and creativity with a fashion edge – essential for backstage. Staying ahead of the ever-changing demands of style while setting the pace for what’s new and what’s next.