On Katie Damici, Cutler used Redken Cryastal Curls dinining Shine Gel and Redken Fresh Curls Anti-Friza Shiner on the right side of her head, and nothing on the other.
Here, on Marissa Nelson, Cutler used Redken Curl Boost and Redken Fresh Curl Anti-Frizz Shiner on the left side of her head and no products on the other.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach for curly hair.

That was the message at Redken's Jan. 12 press event in New York to mark the launch of its revamped Fresh Curls line.

Redken’s Rodney Cutler revealed the results of a focus group —which included NaturallyCurly.com readers —that helped Redken better understand the curly girl and create products to better meet her needs.

“Redken has now targeted specific products for specific types of curly hair,” says Cutler, who also operates New York’s Cutler Salon.

The new Fresh Curls line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, Curl Boost (to wake up limp curls), Anti-Frizz Shiner (to condition, yet block humidity), Curl Refiner (for coarse, unruly tresses) and Spring Mousse (for fine to medium textures, available in April). In addition, Redken introduced the new Crystal Curls 06 defining shine gel (for medium to coarse hair).

To demonstrate the range and benefits of the products, Redken tested the new line on two women. The new products were used on one side of their hair, while the other was left untouched, with no product.

Redken Bottles

For Marissa Nelson, the new Curl Boost and Fresh Curls Anti-Frizz Shiner was added to her fine, wavy locks. To show the other end of the spectrum, Katie Damici showcased the Crystal Curls defining shine gel and Fresh Curls Anti-Frizz Shiner on her thick curls.

“Curly girls are way more focused and educated than ever before, and we wanted to see what their critical issues are, why they purchase and how they purchase,” Cutler told beauty editors, many of them not curly girls themselves, yet curious to learn more.

“The curly girls refused to be influenced by fashion,” Cutler says. “They go straight to the back of the bottle and look at the ingredients. They had to have credibility with the manufacturer. It was all about credibility and ingredients.”

As for the ingredients in the Fresh Curls collection, Cutler says Redken’s new elasto-shield complex includes elastapol to block out humidity and fight frizz, coconut oil to lock in moisture and shine, and oleo-amido and protein for their reparative benefits.

“I think it’s important to continue to reinvent yourself,” Cutler said. "And this brand is about the science behind the products.”