Hairstyling techniques have been found in every culture in recorded history. With the 19th Century came the development of thermal styling techniques, including heated curling rods, heated combs and flattened irons to change the texture of hair.

Although these techniques were effective, they often led to hair damage.

Sedu flat iron

Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styler

“In the beginning, the flat iron was very basic,” says Katherine Chen, director of merchandising for, creator of the Sedu Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styler. “Over the past seven years, the technologies have really evolved.”

The Sedu Revolution exemplifies the dramatic technological improvements made in thermal appliances. The Revolution enables people to create any hairstyles imaginable in half the time with no damage.

The Sedu Revolution was in development for more than two years, pulling together the best of the new technologies.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in recent years has been the development of ceramic technology five years ago. This technology enabled heat to be distributed equally onto the hair, eliminating a lot of the damage caused by heat-styling tools.

“People are looking for tools that help them achieve the look they want without damage,” Chen says.

The Sedu Revolution’s ceramic heating element produces gentle moisturizing heat that is less damaging to the hair. It takes this ceramic technology a step further with tourmaline ionic plates, which prevent “hot spots.” When the heat hits the surface of the tourmaline, it produces more negative ions, which help eliminate frizz to close the cuticle to create smooth, shiny hair while far infrared heat penetrates hair from within, resulting in faster styling with less damage.

Sedu flat iron

One of the most important features of the Revolution is its adjustable temperature control, which provides customers the option of choosing the temperature setting that will best suit their hair type and styling needs without damaging the hair.

In addition to preventing heat damage, the Revolution is designed to eliminate the mechanical damage caused by pulling hair through a rough surface, which can snag or break the hair. Its Freestyle Guiding System uses anti-slip edges and ultra-smooth, highly polished plates to capture the hairs within the plates, preventing them from slipping outside the plates. This allows one smooth pass through the hair.

“Imagine if you drag your hair through a rough surface,” Chen says. “It’s almost like sand paper.”

While the No. 1 concern was eliminating damage, Chen says the Revolution also was designed to provide a variety of styling options. Its unique design can help create a straight looks, loose waves as well as curly styles.

Even the best technology is of no value if few can afford it. Professional styling tools can run more than $200, with a 1-year life span. The Sedu Revolution costs $139.95, with a 2-year warranty – a reflection of the company’s confidence in its quality and performance, Chen says.

The Sedu Revolution comes with a Hair Styling Instruction DVD as well as a Sedu Heatproof Iron Pouch. sells hundreds of flat irons. But Chen says the Revolution’s combination of features make the it “one of the best flat irons we’ve seen in years.”

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