Finding the right products for your curls can seem daunting. I spend far too much time squatting in the hair aisle reading labels, 2nd and 3rd guessing whether the purchase will be worth it. I even watch full video tutorials and reviews on my phone in said aisle before fully committing to the purchase. So here is my review on a far too familiar line for those of you who have never tried DevaCurl and might just be squatting in a store, reading labels, and debating on your own purchase.

The Dynamic Duo

No Poo

This Zero Lathering Conditioning Cleanser has done the best job at leaving my scalp invigoratingly clean but won't strip my hair of its natural oils. While my curls are clean, the No-Poo works well at conditioning and maintaining moisture.

One Condition

This conditioner does not contain silicones, so instead of just sitting on the hair shaft, it is penetrated and leaves my curls hydrated. I love the One Condition because I can use it as a co-washer, conditioner, or leave-In. It's also lightweight, which makes it easy to wash out of my hair so I don't get product buildup often.

The Distant Cousins

Low Poo

Because the No-Poo and One Condition work so well together, I always feel I get an adequate wash for my curls to stay clean, healthy and moisturized. I still experiment with other conditioners and stylers which may take a little more time washing out of my curls. If I do experience product build-up, I grab the Low Poo. It's mild lathering and, in my opinion, mild clarifying. While it gets the job done, I've noticed that overusing it can dry out my hair so I always condition well after cleansing.

No Poo Quick Cleanser 
It's a moisturizing dry shampoo. If my hair gets oily around the scalp after a few days though, I typically just wash it. The dry shampoo has been ideal when experimenting with different stylers on clean hair that might not be moisturizing enough around the scalp.

The Stylers

Light Defining Gel
When using this gel alone, I'm not too crazy about it. It's less than light defining and applying it to my curls feel stripping since I don't get much slip when applying. It's not moisturizing. [Although I have not tried DevaCurl's Be-Leave In Conditioner, I have found that it works pretty well with Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in conditioner.] The Light Defining Gel goes on much smoother with a leave-in and I did get a bit more definition because my curls were moisturized.

Shine Spray
This definitely adds shine but a little goes a long way. When using this product, I need to be cautious and light handed; otherwise my curls come out looking too oily and greasy to the touch. It's supposed to combat frizz but I haven't had much success using this product for that purpose. [Remember, this is not a hairspray so] it also won't help to tame the flyaways or add hold to your style. It simply gives your curls shine.

The Best For Last

The Heaven In Hair Intensive Moisture Treatment

This is by far the best deep conditioner I have used in my hair. It leaves my curls feeling hydrated, which is especially important for the most stubborn areas [of my hair] that are prone to dryness. The treatment has a thin paste like texture that expands when rubbed together and feels ultra smooth when raking it in my hair.

I don't need to slather on too much of this treatment to get the job done either. A scoop is all I need, which says a lot for a small 8oz container. It truly is heaven in my hair.

Watch my video

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know how they work for your curls! If there's anything you have tried from this line that I have not mentioned, throw out a suggestion. The product junkie in me would love to try it!