Photo Courtesy of Jenell B. Stewart

As someone with sebborheic dermatitis and Type 4 hair, the battle of trying to properly cleanse my scalp without ripping my hair can be challenging. Quite naturally my hair retracts when wet and the density can get in the way of me trying to loosen the scales from my scalp. Also, the urge of using my nails instead of the pads of my fingers can be hard to resists. A few months ago a ton of natural hair vloggers shared their reviews on a few shampoo scalp massaging brushes and I wanted to get in on the action!

What is a shampoo brush?

If you have never seen or heard of a shampoo brush, they are brushes with wide rubber or plastic bristles designed to lift scalp buildup while also helping to encourage blood flow to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Sounds like a 2-in-1 to me.

Here are three brushes that the NaturallyCurly office plans to try over the next month so we can share our updates with you ASAP.

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Product claims: “Experience the benefits of enhanced cleaning and deep relaxation with the Vitagoods Scalp Invigorator. An enhanced scalp cleaning and exfoliating routine leaves the skin healthier, gently lifting away dead skin cells, whilst increasing the blood circulation to keep hair healthy and clean. It is designed to use in the shower and is portable for easy traveling.” Rated 4 stars with 48 reviews on


Conair Babyliss Scalp Brush

Product claims: “The Babyliss Scalp Massaging Brush has a unique contoured shape that conforms to the palm of your hand, allowing your hand to naturally cup the brush. Thick bristles massage the scalp while stimulating hair follicles for healthy, shiny hair. The shape and style of the brush along with the bristles help to evenly distribute styling products. The non-slip handle is contoured to fit in the palm.” Rated 3.5 stars with 30 reviews on


Century Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush

Product claims: “Stimulating scalp massager made of plastic with a finger ring and half-inch long concave bristles formed to the curvature of the human head.” Rated 4.5 stars on with 145 reviews on

The review below is for the Denman Scalp Brush, but both brushes share a very similar design. If you have reviewed the Century Scalp Brush, please let us know in the comments below!


What are some of your favorite scalp brushes?