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Subscription boxes are on the rise, especially in the beauty realm. With popular boxes like CurlBox, CurlKit, Curl Collection, Birchbox, and CurlMix, it is hard to differentiate what makes each product unique. We have seen subscriber complaints about too few full-sized products, too small samples, too few entrepreneurial brands, and not enough pizzazz. Well, this might be the box that meets all of your needs. On Thursday, October 1 customer-curated subscription box My Curls Understood will be launching from the blog Curls Understood. With each box being tailored to each customer’s specific needs, it will be the first of its kind, so we reached out to Founder Sylvia Kerali for an exclusive sneak peek into what we can expect from the newest subscription service.

What made you want to start My Curls Understood subscription box?

The My Curls Understood subscription box is an extension of the community, which has grown tremendously since its launch just under two years ago. The educational and inspirational content on our site is segmented my texture, volume, and length and our readers love that they can find content this way. Likewise they expressed wanting to discover products in a similar manner. Our box subscribers will answer a one-minute survey on their hair’s attributes that informs us on the types of products they want to see in their monthly box.

What makes My Curls Understood different from other hair care subscription boxes?

One size does not fit all. Our box collects information on our subscribers’ hair from day one. We’ll be able to segment boxes by texture one month or focus on our subscribers’ top three hair concerns the other. That’s what makes us different. We’re also in the unique position to compliment each monthly box with content on our site, so you can learn more about the products received and let us know your feedback. We interact daily with our subscribers on our online platforms.

What does it mean for a box to be curated by the consumer?

Great question! Subscribers answer a quick survey on their hair texture(s”>, porosity, volume, and hair concerns and a hair profile is created for them. We’ll then analyze that data and select brands/products accordingly. For example, if subscribers indicate that they want products to address frizz or help with moisture retention, then we’ll ask brands what products they have that address those concerns. So, ultimately the subscriber has curated the products they receive. 

Photo Courtesy of Sylvia Kerali

How much is the box and how many products will be featured?

The box is $26.99 per month and will feature 5-7 full/deluxe-sized products. Some of the brands we’re partnering with have products retailing for $44. Each box contains a minimum value of $55. The subscriber is always saving money by receiving a box. If we add packets they will be extra! Subscribers can also expect surprises. We’re working with SKO Hair for our first box. We love their low-friction towels!

Will the products be a medley of brands or one?

A mixture. In doing research I’ve found that naturally curly women equally like to try products from one line or a mixture. We’ll cater to both preferences.

How are the products selected? Are there certain ingredients that you will not allow in the box (e.g. silicones, sulfates, parabens”>?

We’re selecting a range of products from big companies to emerging brands. We want to expose our subscribers to new products or lines they may not have considered before. Several of our launch brands have products free of silicones, sulfates, and parabens, but I believe naturally curly consumers are smart enough to make decisions for themselves regarding the type of products they wish to use. We’ll provide options and let the subscriber ultimately decide – but we’re always listening to feedback.   

We notice that consumers prefer more entrepreneurial brands in subscription boxes. Will there be more products from big beauty brands or entrepreneurial?

I’ve been so fortunate to have received a great response from so many brands, both corporate and entrepreneurial. The My Curls Understood box will offer a mix, but we too have noticed that entrepreneurial brands resonate with the natural hair community, so we’ll continue to procure products from smaller, emerging companies that may not be readily available in certain parts of the country.

My Curls Understood is offering 10% off subscribers’ first box. Use coupon code: CUBOX2015. Also I’ll be trying the box as soon as it launches in October so stay tuned for my full review here on NaturallyCurly.

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