Cibu products package

The stylists at Bubbles and Salon Cielo have always led the way when it comes to developing new Cibu products for their salons. So when they told the company they wanted products for curly hair, Cibu listened.

"That's our philosophy," says Jenn Mapp, Cibu brand manager for The Ratner Group, which owns 56 Bubbles and Salon Cielo locations as well as 800 Hair Cuttery salons. "We listen to our stylists."

After two years of research, development and testing — and countless hours spent on — Cibu is launching its Spring Roll collection this month. Spring Roll products add moisture to all hair types. They're also designed to shape curls. The line includes Hydrating Cleanser, Hydrating Conditioner, Hydrating Masque, Soft Curl Gel and Shaping Creme. The products can be mixed together to get customized looks.

"To come up with the products in the line, we surveyed our stylists," Mapp says. "We went back and forth to find styling products that would be the most comprehensive. The stylists also asked their clients. They have the final say on everything."

The company also goes out to its salons' 850 stylists to test the products and get feedback on what needs tweaking before it hits the market.

"They do hands-on testing," Mapp says.

The products all are sulfate-, alcohol-free and paraben-free, and formulated to hydrate. All Cibu Spring Roll formulas include a blend of naturally derived emollients, proteins, humectants and moisturizers. In addition to Cibu's signature combination of bamboo, water lily and lotus flower, each Cibu Spring Roll product contains aloe vera, awapui, kukui nut oil and a nutrient blend of vitamins A, C and E. All the products are packaged in 85 percent recycled materials.

The bottles all are recycled from other bottles, and the products never are tested on animals."

While Spring Roll is intended for waves, curls and kinks, Mapp doesn't want to pigeonhole the product line because it also works well on any hair type that needs moisture and hydration.

Cibu products are sold exclusively at Bubbles and Salon Cielo locations as well as online.

The first Cibu products were introduced in May 2004. The line now has three collections: Classic, Shang Hai and Spring Roll. Although Bubbles and Salon Cielo salons also sell other brands such as Kerastase and Pureology, the Cibu products now rank No. 1 in sales at those salons.

"It's gotten to the point where Cibu products bring new people in rather than just capturing clients in the chair," Mapp says.

The products' Asian-influenced packaging and names evolved from the original logo and extracts inspired by the Far East. From that, came products such as Sticky Rice Pomade, Shang High Volumizing Conditioner, Miso Knotty Leave-in Detangler and Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce.

"Cibu was inspired by a place where wellness is part of the landscape — The Far East," Mapp says.

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