The Curly Girl Challenge is well underway, and dozens of people already have submitted their stories.

Lorraine Massey, co-founder of the Devachan Salon and author of "Curly Girl," launched the Curly Girl Challenge on to find three more curlies to add to "Curly Girl 2," the sequel to her popular book.

She's looking for people to share their curl truths and their experiences about using Deva products in their quest to accept and love their curls. Massey says, "'Curly Girl 2' will be written by all of you, metorphoriCURLy speaking!"

This challenge is not about who does it fastest or longest. We encourage you to try the products and share your results. If you have already been using Deva products, you are also welcome to join this challenge, which runs through May 31.

This is what some some of the entrants had to say:

Ms. Temple

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