Cheap and easy solutions for keeping your favorite products clean and organized.


How to organize curly hair care products, tools and accessories is one of the most asked questions by natural haired woman right under what’s my Holy Grail product? For older naturals who have bathrooms of their own this answer is simpler. But, when you’re a young natural it becomes more complicated if your bathroom is small or you have to share it with siblings or roommates. Also, if you are like me, then your family has long since banned you from storing your stash in the bathroom after having products tumble out of cupboards and leaving no counter space for anyone else. If you are in dire need of organizational tips for your hair care items then read on — I promise it will be good.

Cheap & Easy Storage Ideas

  1. Shower caddies. You may not be allowed to store your curly hair products in your bathroom, but you will still need to use them when you're there. This dilemma is easily solved by purchasing a shower caddy. If you buy one that is large enough, you will easily be able to transport all of your hair cleansing products, styling products and tools that you will use into the bathroom. Then when your done, you can transport everything back to your room. The shower caddy also comes in handy as a place to rest your shampoo and conditioner in the shower when you wash your hair. No more groping around for stray bottles when your eyes are covered with suds.
  2. Storage Bins. I love storage bins, and try to have as many of these on hand as possible. They come in a variety of sizes to store even the largest of bottles and tools. If you lack floor space, get the stackable ones to prevent cluttering your room. Plus they can be found in so many styles to fit any décor, so if plastic isn't your thing, try wicker or cloth baskets for a more chic look. When you downsize your stash (like that will ever happen), you will probably be able to fit one bin inside the other so that they do not take up a lot of space. Then, when the next sale rolls around you'll still have plenty of storage space.
  1. Tupperware Containers. Use these to store the small things that you always lose and always have to repurchase — bobby pins, small claw clips, slides, hair elastics, etc.. Tupperware containers are cheap, and everyone has a collection of them in their cupboards collecting dust. Grab a few small ones and repurpose them for holding your small hair tools and accessories. Be sure to get the ones that close securely on the sides rather than the ones that you just place the lids on. Trust me, you will remember this advice when your hands are slippery with product and you drop one of the containers and bobby pins go flying everywhere!
  2. Earring Stands. This is a fun and cute way to showcase your accessories and have them act as decoration for your room. Instead of using them to hang your dangly earrings, use them to hang headbands, tiaras, berets, etc. All the extra sparkle and color will also help to enhance the décor of your room. Plus, it will be easy to just grab an accessory and go rather than rummaging around for it in cupboards or drawers. 
  3. Door Hangers. They are not just for your shoes. The pockets are wide enough to fit cumbersome items like brushes, combs and even curling and flat irons. This helps you get your stuff out of their boxes, off the floor and removed from stuffed cupboards.
  4. Wall Mounted Hooks. Every girl has at least a few hats, headbands and scarves for those bad hair days. Now that you have a good collection to match every outfit you are wondering where to put it all. Try hanging them up! Install a few hooks on your wall and use them to organize your bad-hair-day solutions. Best of all is that most can be mounted without ever picking up a hammer or nails. Just stick them to the wall using adhesive. 
  5. Headband Holders. These are somewhat of a new creation and are perfect for getting all your headbands together in a stylish and fabulous way.  The holder displays your entire collection so that choosing the right headband for every outfit is a synch and the round shape enables you to slip the headbands off and on with ease.

Want More?

Your curly hair products not fitting in your dorm? Fix that storage issue ASAP!

Final Thoughts

Did you know that storing curly hair products in your room might actually be better for lengthening their shelf life? The constant temperature change in your bathroom from sauna hot to room temp can actually cause your products to spoil. So don’t be mad that you have no bathroom space, consider yourself ahead of the game.

I hope this helped all the product junkies and accessorizing divas out there! Until then remember to have love peace and curly haired bliss...