NaturallyCurly is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year. To show you how far we’ve come, we’re highlighting a few of your favorite articles from the NaturallyCurly archives! community member Cherie, from Maryland, shares these tips for achieving straight hair without chemicals:

Most straightening routines involve chemicals or heat such as irons and blow dryers. All of which take a LONG time and are terrible for your hair. I’ve used this method for 25 years and it works!

Wash and condition at night. Use a wide-tooth comb and wrap hair around your head like a turban. Use large bobby pins vertically all around your head to hold hair. If you’re self- conscious, (like me”> find a large scarf. Drape base of the triangle across forehead, cross the ends in back, bring them forward while twisting, cross and tie in back. You sleep comfortably because the pins are flat. The scarf keeps the pins in place. In the morning, brush out. You may need to smooth a few waves made by the pins or style with a big curling iron but most of the time and with practice, you can brush and go. Next night wrap (dry”> hair in the opposite direction. It’ll be even straighter the next day. This trick works with ANY length. I’ve had short, shoulder length and long hair. People wonder how I switch from strait to curly then back!

Don’t use products with alcohol in them; they can dry out hair. On rainy or humid days, I use Biolage Glaze while hair is wet, let the curls dry then gently crunch curls with my hands so as not to separate them.

Sometimes I use ‘Frizz Ease‘ on either strait or curly hair to add shine.

I try curly styles from magazines, movies and tv. I also copy styles I see on other curlicues that look great.

Thanks for a great web page!


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