scr Declares Curls Make a Comeback

2010-05-18 09:08:11 Declares Curls Make a Comeback

Style web site declares curls the hot hair trend for 2009

Breaking news on the home page of Curls are back! We didn't know they ever left, but it's nice to see that there's an acknowledgment that curls and kinks are stylish and beautiful — the season's "loopiest trend!"

Of course curls — like skin color and eye color — are something that is always a part of us. So whether straight hair is declared "in" next season or not, we're not about to go back into the curly closet!



And that's when I heard the angels! I am so SICK of everyone telling me to straighten my hair. I can't wait for them to try to get curls that look natural.. which would be impossible, because they can't hold curl if their lifes depended on it
Makes me wanna stand on my desk and shout! I'm sure my boss will love that.