Joseph Lentini, SignaCurls

Known as “The King of Curls,” Joseph Lentini has been a premier hair stylist in the U.S. for more than 30 years. Located in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, this classically trained master cutter carefully manages the line between cutting-edge and classic, depending on each client’s goals.

Lentini, a Redken-certified colorist, was featured in Allure magazine’s August 2009 issue spotlighting “Star hairstylists from Manhattan to Melrose Place.” The article states: “Lentini…cheerfully suggested removing bulk without transforming our texture, and streamlined our coils until they rippled past our shoulders instead of ballooning above them. Clearly, a little TLC goes a long way.”

Lentini took some time away from his busy schedule to give NaturallyCurly some tips for fun holiday looks.

NC: What’s a quick, fun look for the holiday season?

Joseph: I recommend buying a set of jumbo hot rollers. Divide your hair into six sections and wrap your curls from the root out. Take them out and let your hair cool. You will have a smooth, tousled, glamorous look. Finish it off with the Signacurl Curl Balm for shine and hold.

NC: What is the hot hair color for this time of year?

Joseph: Chocolate cherry is hot this year because of the vampire-mania created by “Twilight.” It looks nice with most skin tones, especially with the right makeup. Jazz it up with some Chanel red lipstick and false eyelashes, and everyone will notice you.

NC: What’s a fun, easy updo for curly hair?

Joseph: I love doing rosettes. You wrap small sections of hair into a pin curls, and you pin them on top of your head with a bobby pin. It looks like little roses. It doesn’t need to be perfect to look good. In fact, the more messy, the sexier it looks.

NC: What are some tips to keep my curls looking their best as I go from one party to another?

Joseph: Start off with Signacurl Curl Juice to define your curls, and throughout the night, use Curl Care reactivator to rejuvenate your curls.

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116 S. 19th St.

Philadelphia, PA.


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