Super Star Gift Ideas for the Curlies in Your Life

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Super Star Gift Ideas for the Curlies in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the curly in your life? We can help you, no matter your budget or their hair type

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for the holidays (Christmas or Hanukkah) – the perfect gift for curlies on your list.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City

Best of the Best Inspired Collection

Like Carrie of "Sex and the City,"
money is no object when it comes
to looking good. Treat her and her
hair to the Best of the Best Inspired

The Cheetah Girls

Essentials Extra Collection

She's wild and adventurous, like Cheetah Girls Adrienne, Kiely and Sabrina. She's always up for a new look - super curly one day and straight the next. Get her an Essentials Extra Collection.

Madison Pettis

Curly Temple Curly Cocktail

She's sweet and sassy like Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis) on Disney's "Corey in the House." No straightening for her! Get her a Curly Temple Curly Cocktail, with products perfect for young curlies.

Mary Kate Olson

Jessicurl's California Cool Collection

She's got the BoHo look down to a T. She likes things easy and natural, like Tara Lindman (Mary-Kate Olson) on "Weeds." She'll be stoked to find the Jessicurl's California Cool Collection under the tree. Or check out one of our beautiful This is J headbands.

Erykah Badu

Curlaccino Curly Cocktail

She likes her hair wild, free and natural, like Erykah Badu. The bigger, the better! She'll love the Curlaccino Curly Cocktail with a selection of luscious products that can be combined to keep her 'fro looking its best.

Christina Applegate

Your Personal Shopper Collection

She's wacky and neurotic, like Samantha (Christina Applegate) on "Samantha Who?" She likes to primp and try out new products and combinations. Your Personal Shopper Collection is perfect for her, guaranteed to give her exactly what she wants.

Sandra Oh

You-Build-It DevaCurl Kit

She's practical and no-nonsense, like Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) on "Grey's Anatomy." She doesn't have the time or desire to fuss with her ringlets. Get her the You-Build-It DevaCurl Kit.

Curlarita Curly Cocktail

She's sporty yet sophisticated, like SportsCenter's Sage Steele. Whether covering the Super Bowl or the World Series, she needs her hair to look its best. She'll love a Curlarita Curly Cocktail — an easy-to-use collection of styling products guaranteed to keep her 3c curls looking great.

Nick Jonas

Curlisto Travel Kit

He's "Living the Dream" like Nick Jonas. He knows those curls get the girls, and he is willing to spend time on them to get them looking just right, even when he's on the road. Stuff his stocking with a Curlisto Travel Kit.

Corbin Bleu

Hot Buttered Curls Curly Cocktail

He sings, he acts, he boxes, he jumps rope. He does things his own way, like actor Corbin Bleu. But he needs a little help to keep those kinks looking their best. Get him a Hot Buttered Curls for his 4A Curls - a combination of styling products complete with a recipe card to help guide him.

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