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Have you heard of our reviewer program? We send products to our NaturallyCurly product reviewers in exchange for their honest reviews in our product database. What's it like being a reviewer? Who better to tell you than the reviewers themselves. We spoke to two of our active members, Jasmine Bailey and Aji Eberhart, about their experiences being reviewers and they agreed to share their feedback with you. Here are 7 reasons they love being NaturallyCurly reviewers!

1.   Two Cents

As a NaturallyCurly reviewer, my voice matters. In addition to my reviews appearing on NaturallyCurly’s Product Page, they are also sent straight to the brands that I try out. With product lines tailored specifically to our curls and coils, these brands need to hear us speak back to them. Being an active reviewer has given me the unique opportunity to not only share my experiences with my fellow curlies, but it has given value to my voice within the industry.

2.   FREE Products!

Yes please. Did I mention they’re full sized? I typically receive the entire line of a product to cleanse, condition, and style my hair when I opt into a NaturallyCurly reviewer program. I also get to select which brands I test, so it is always feels like a choice, not an obligation. For the most part, their programs are centered around brands I have been curious about before, and now I have the ability to try them out at no cost.

3.   It’s Easy

NaturallyCurly couldn’t make it easier. Whether you are working two jobs, have kids, or are studying for college – you have the capability to participate. I am a young professional who travels for over 75% of the year for work, and I find the typical review deadline is manageable as well as the amount of products asked to be reviewed. I just opt in, products get shipped to me, and I’m given a deadline for my thoughts. One of my favorite things about reviewing is saving money on products in exchange for simply sharing my opinion on them. It only takes a few minutes!

4. Holy Grails

I encourage other curlies in the community to become reviewers in hopes that they will be able to find their holy grails without spending a lot of money jumping from product to product. Through trying them out here and there, I found my must-haves. The experimenting phase is necessary to figure out what works for each unique head of curls, and the power reviewer program is the most resourceful way to find your favorites and also share them with others.

5. Real Talk

The reviewer program cannot serve its purpose without your real thoughts. I can understand why a new reviewer would feel compelled to sugar coat a review, but it is much more important to be honest and build communal trust. Writing a fake positive review could lead to a false perception of that product in our community, so we need to be upfront about our experiences. I hardly ever feel negatively towards the products sent to me, however, there are some that I prefer over others and my reviews reflect this.

6.   Hair Guru Status

Being a power reviewer keeps me in tune with industry changes. I am able to keep up with the today’s styles through trying the most current products, and now I know which ones really work for me! Reviewing products has definitely strengthened my knowledge towards caring for curly hair. There are many women out there facing the same challenges that I did in the beginning of my curly journey, and being a trusted consultant is certainly an important and wonderful feeling.

7.   Curl Confidence

NaturallyCurly is a genuine space of support for everyone at every hair stage. For many people, we have been told to straighten, press, and relax our curls to be beautiful; but the reviewer program has taught me to see past these criticisms and live in a place of love and self-assurance. Having a voice in the community has helped to validate my struggle and given me the confidence to be comfortable with my own natural texture. We are all learning and reclaiming the curls we were born with, and the review program is a great way to give your natural self a little more love.

Want in on this program? You can join as a reviewer here to get in on the action.

Thank you to Jasmine and Aji for sharing your feedback!