When ABBA Pure Performance launched 21 years ago, it was a pioneer in natural haircare.

Over the past two years, ABBA has taken that commitment to a new level, introducing new ABBA pure performance hair care. The new salon collection is a full range of cleansers, conditioners, styling and treatment products designed to not only match the right natural plant ingredients to specific hair-care needs but also redefine the way performance is viewed in the natural hair-care category.

Too often, natural hair care comes at the expense of product performance. With ABBA, product performance is due to these natural ingredients, not in spite of them, says Kersten Lee, marketing manager for ABBA.

“These botanicals are performance-based,” Lee says. “When we relaunched the line, we wanted to make that clear to the consumer.”

All ABBA products focus on aN Herbal RX system that customizes the products for the daily needs of an individual’s hair by identifying the specific botanicals that are best.

“Abba’s philosophy is straightforward: prescriptive product formulas based in natural plant ingredients,” Lee says. “The result is truly customized approach to pure performance hair care.”

All products within the line carry the brand’s “Commitment to Purity” seal, a pledge to produce products that are natural and pure while recognizing the brand’s social responsibility to protect the earth. All ABBA products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free of synthetic dyes.

This focus on performance has helped make the Pure Curl category popular for individuals with both naturally curly and permed hair. The five products in the curl family contain a combination of natural herbal ingredients — including lemon grass, orange peel oil and chamomile – to help revitalize and detangle curly and wavy hair while delivery shine and bounce.

Pure Curl line actually evolved out of ABBA’s True Shapes Perm — a low-ammonia, low-thio perm that is the company’s top-selling product. The perm conditions the hair with an herbal therapy of arnica, chamomile, rosemary and watercress and is designed to create a natural look.

“It is unusual for a perm to be a company’s top-selling product,” Lee says. “Because of that, curls have been a big focus for us, and it was a natural progression for us to create products that are good for textured hair.”

The biggest issues with curlier hair types are dehydration and frizz, and ABBA’s curl system and Herbal Remedy Leave-In Treatment Moisture Spray are designed to moisturize and nourish curls and prevent frizz. Lee also recommends finishing styles with Abba Pomade, which provides separation, definition and shine.

Curly Suzy

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