Photo Courtesy of Curlywave
When you first get the ring you're overjoyed...ecstatic at the thought of being with one person for the rest of your life. That's until you start getting asked questions like "where is it going to be held?" "Are you inviting so and so?" "Have you booked your caterer yet?" Suddenly the fun of being engaged is gone and the stress begins to sink in. You suddenly see the wedding date looming over you and there's still so much left to plan! The couple of months before your big day, being a bride are nothing but meetings, phone calls, and deadlines...almost like a second job!

Brides want everything to run smoothly with no surprises, and unfortunately there always seems to be something that you inevitably have no control over. No matter how much you prepare, something or someone is always out of place. Well, Curlywave from StyleNook is here to prove that your hair doesn’t have to be as frantic as you are. Many short-haired curlies always feel limited to extensions for their big day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Curlywave used only two products to achieve her super defined, short and curly style. Find out how she achieved her style below.



  1. Wet hair completely
  2. Tilt head down so wet hair is dangling.
  3.  Take a dollop of Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie cream and work through each ringlet, twirling product in your hair with your fingers.
  4. Add in a heavier secondary product (I use a small amount of AG Curl Activator Recoil Cream) and twirl in product with fingers, defining the curls.
  5. Use a diffuser to dry hair. Tilt head upside-down so the curls can dry with volume and definition. Dry until hair is about 70-80% dry, and then let air dry (try not to touch!)
What are your tips for short, curly-haired brides?