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Figure 1

Fig. 1

Perhaps, of all the questions asked...I’m asked about the most important aspect of determining what hairstyle is the right fit. The answer: There are none more important than the shape of your face!

A terrific hair design will only work if it’s a good match to your face shape. So, you might ask, "how do I figure out what my shape my face is?”

Most everyone thinks their face shape is round. I’ve heard it a thousand times, "my face is kind of fat and round." While this is a natural tendency to think your features are round, there are actually six basic face shapes: oval, rectangle, round, square, heart, and triangle. Take a look at the figure 1. What shape is your face in?

Once you determine what shape your face is, the goal then becomes to create a pleasing shape to hide or soften flaws. It’s really easier than it sounds! The most versatile shape is the oval. Even if your face is not oval, this should be your goal to try to create the “appearance.” (No matter which shape you’re in!) …And you can do this by balancing your shape with the right hair design and style.

There are multiple factors that go into choosing a great hairstyle such as hair texture, density and lifestyle. These are great things to talk about with your stylist, but the shape of face is most relative.

Now, here’s a very cool trick. To help you determine your shape pull all your hair back away from your face, take an eye liner pencil and draw the outline of your face in a mirror. This is a technique that I have shared with my clients for years.

Now that you know your shape, let’s talk about which style works best for you!


(Such as Jessica Alba & Beyonce Knowles)

Well, you’re in luck! This shape will work great with just about any style. It’s what we call the "perfect" shape. The eyes, nose and lips are in proportion with each other. So all lengths will be great and, remember, if you have this shape you can sweep your hair back and fully expose your face.


(Such as Sandra Bullock & Lucy Liu)

Our goal with this shape, as with all shapes, is balance. Medium to short styles work best. This elongated shape will balance out with a style that creates width. Bangs will also shorten your features, bringing you closer to an oval shape.


(Such as Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet)

This face shape is complimented by a hairstyle that has height at the crown. For this shape, pick a style that stays below chin length; This will help to lengthen the appearance of your shape. An off-center or side part is best. Avoid parting the hair down the middle or styles with bangs. These tend to shorten the face rather than lengthening it…and that’s our goal.


(Such as Demi Moore & Gwyneth Paltrow)

With this shape, you will want to select styles that frame the face, softening the square corners of the shape. A design with a little height at the top is also helpful. Texture plays a big part in this shape as well. A square shape softens when combined with hair that has some curl. So, break out the rollers and curling irons!


(Such as Scarlett Johansson & Reese Witherspoon)

If you have a heart-shaped face, then a chin-length design is your best choice. Choosing this length will broaden your appearance at the chin where it is needed. I love bangs on this shape as well and bangs are a “must” if your heart shape is at all exaggerated. With this shape, minimize or eliminate height in the top of your style.


(Such as Kathy Ireland & Victoria Beckham)

This shape will appear most balanced with designs that are short and compliment the temple area. Avoid styles that stop at chin length, (ex. the bob). If you insist on wearing a short do, keep one side tucked behind the ear. Shoot for a design with some layering to create a bit of volume through the upper areas of the style.

No matter what shape your face is in, remember the most important aspect of any hair design is "owning it." Project confidence and energy, and your hair design will come alive. Now that you understand your face shape, use that knowledge to bring out the Hellmann’s--

Bring out YOUR best!